MLB Rumors: Will The Chicago White Sox Trade Gavin Floyd?

Dennis Wierzbicki – US Presswire

Here’s your “well, duh” MLB rumor of the day: the Chicago White Sox want to trade starting pitcher Gavin Floyd. With the somewhat surprising re-signing of Jake Peavy a week ago, the White Sox have a multitude of starting pitching options, making a Floyd deal very likely in the not-so-distant future.

One would figure the first four slots in the White Sox rotation are set, with that being Peavy-Chris Sale-John Danks-Jose Quintana. The reason why Floyd is expendable is the White Sox have about five options for the number-five spot in the rotation. Whether it’s Hector Santiago, Simon Castro, Nestor Molina, Philip Humber, or even Nate Jones - who I have heard rumblings about making a Sale-like conversion – taking the fifth starter spot, it doesn’t really matter considering all of those guys could combine to give Chicago Floyd’s missing production.

Pitching aside, Floyd’s $9.5 million option was picked up when the Sox re-signed Peavy, so one could assume new general manager Rick Hahn exercised the option just to trade his veteran right-hander. Speaking of Hahn, he pontificated more about the potential Floyd rumors to the Chicago Tribune, saying this:

“I don’t think it’s going to be the best market to be (a buyer) in. But I think some of my players might be targeted by others in a potential deal.”

If the Sox were to move Floyd, what would his market look like? One blatantly, optimistic option would be with the Kansas City Royals, considering a random scenario in which they are shopping their young third baseman Mike Moustakas. “Moose” would allow Chicago to fill in their third base need for the present and future, all the while getting Floyd’s payroll off the books. The odds of this happening are rather slim, but a man can dream.

Nevertheless, the White Sox are going to trade Gavin Floyd – - it’s just a matter of when it happens.

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