Los Angeles Dodgers and Their Mitt Romney Connection

By Chris Katje

It seems fitting on this Election Day 2012 to point out the connection between Mitt Romney and one MLB team. After all, former US President George H.W. Bush was once a partial owner of the Texas Rangers. The connection between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Romney is a rather small one that involves the oldest Romney son.

Tagg Romney held the position of Chief Marketing Officer for the Dodgers. Romney was hired by the Dodgers with no professional sports experience. The Dodgers were owned at the time by Frank and Jamie McCourt, who were former Massachusetts residents. Tagg’s father had just been elected governor of the state of Massachusetts, and the eldest son found himself with a new job out in Los Angeles.

Prior to working for the Dodgers, Tagg served as a VP of marketing for Reebok.  The Dodgers would later find out that this involved counting the number of times the Reebok logo was seen on television during sports broadcasts. This was hardly the kind of experience the Dodgers should have been looking for when selecting a head of marketing.

Los Angeles Times writer Steve Dilbeck said Romney “was woefully unqualified to be a baseball team’s marketing executive.” Many analysts have said the eldest Romney son was simply in over his head with no relevant experience. Like his dad, Tagg’s other job experience is in private equity. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a BA and Harvard Business University with a MBA, Tagg was a partner at Solamere Capital.

The Dodgers website listed Romney as the Chief Marketing Officer. Job duties included: lead strategic planning and implementation of all advertising, marketing, broadcasting and branding initiatives.

Tagg left his job with the Dodgers to help his father attempt to become President of the United States. Romney joined his dad for the 2008 Presidential Election to serve as an aide. In the current 2012 Presidental Election, Tagg is serving as the advisor for the campaign.

The eldest Romney is most famous for saying he wanted to “rush down to the debate stage and take a swing at him”, referring to current President Barack Obama. Tagg said this to a radio station after the second Presidential Debate.

Time will tell if Tagg’s time on the campaign trail paid off for his father. Otherwise Tagg could still be with the Dodgers in over his head.

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