MLB Rumors: Baltimore Orioles Interested In Josh Hamilton?

By Riley Schmitt

The MLB Rumors around Josh Hamilton are starting to pick up steam. Although he is an injury risk and he is going to be very expensive, a lot of teams are showing interest. A surprise team in all of this just may end up being the Baltimore Orioles.

Hamilton is on the Orioles’ list of targets for left field, according to a source with knowledge of the organization’s plans. Hamilton has started more games in left field than center over the past three seasons, and the Orioles have an opening there now that Nate McLouth has become a free agent.

The Orioles made the playoffs last year but a lack of hitting doomed any chance they had of making a run.  Adding a bat like Hamilton to the middle of the lineup would certainly take care of any issues.  Then again, Hamilton might be priced out of Baltimore’s range.  It is still interesting food for thought.

Hamilton would have to come down from his 7 year, 175 million dollar demands but maybe the Orioles decide to splurge if they see a shot at winning a title in the next few years.  That would be the only way to have this make sense.  It is a big risk to spend that much on this guy and there will be a lot of competition for him in the coming weeks.

Hamilton looks to be the big prize of free agency and the Orioles would love to have.  Would this make them a favorite in the AL?  It certainly looks like it.

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