MLB Rumors: Are the Chicago White Sox Moving Dayan Viciedo To Third Base?

By Evan Crum
Tom Szcezerbowski-US Presswire

The hot stove talk is swirling around the MLB thanks to the General Manager meetings in California. Some of that talk involves the Chicago White Sox and their GM Rick Hahn. The talk with Hahn has specifically been about third base.

The White Sox organization and fans already know the issues at third base so I’m not going to rehash them out. Hahn has said that he has had talks with Kevin Youkilis about coming back to the White Sox. Obviously, the White Sox should try and sign Youkilis if possible. The White Sox shouldn’t break the bank and sign him but the market is bad for third base.

Still the White Sox might not feel confident about resigning Youkilis because they are seriously discussing a couple ideas.

The first idea that the White Sox are discussing is moving Dayan Viciedo from left field back to third base. In the minors Viciedo played third base fairly well so he does have some experience there. In his first year playing baseball in the United States he played 114 games at third in AA with the Birmingham Barons. His numbers aren’t amazing but they aren’t terrible either. He had a fielding percentage of .894 and had 30 errors.

As long as Viciedo could play well in the field he would be fine at third. The main reason that the White Sox would move Viciedo from left field to third base is because of his hitting. In 2012 Viciedo hit .255 and drove in 78 runs.

Viciedo could keep third base warm until minor league stud Carlos Sanchez is ready to play. Sanchez is tearing the cover off the ball in the Arizona Fall League and is making heads turn when he does play. That is the second idea that the White Sox have been discussing.

There are some issues with the White Sox and their ideas. First, I don’t think that the White Sox should call Sanchez up to early. Calling a player up to early can hamper their development.

Sanchez is doing great in Arizona but that is the Fall League. I would give him at least half the year in the minors to see where he is. If he is still playing great then the White Sox can call him up if third base is a problem again.

That same principal applies to Viciedo. He looked comfortable in left field and looked comfortable hitting also. In left field he had a .992 fielding percentage which isn’t terrible for a left fielder. The White Sox might not want to mess that up by moving Viciedo to the infield.

Tough choices for Hahn and the White Sox to make and I’m glad I don’t have to make them.

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