New York Mets Fans Need to Cut Jason Bay Some Slack

By lauraludlum
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE


The New York Mets have decided to part ways with outfielder Jason Bay.  Between next season’s salary of $16 million, $2 million in bonus money, and $3 million to buy out the contract, Bay will receive $21 million all together which will be paid out over the course of several years.

Please hold your applause.

Yes, Bay’s time with the Mets was downright awful.  He hit .234 with 36 home runs and 124 RBIs over the course of three seasons, which due to injuries were only 288 games.  This last season was especially horrific.  He batted .165 with 20 RBIs and only eight home runs.

While I don’t necessarily want Bay to be in the Mets outfield any longer, there is no reason for anyone to wish any ill will upon him, or obnoxiously celebrate his departure.

He was nothing but a class act while in New York, which as history has shown, is not the easiest of cities to play in.  Day in and day out he would step to the plate hearing nothing but boos.

But although the fans did not offer their support, Bay continued to take the high road.  Across town, Nick Swisher of the New York Yankees went from being a fan favorite to being mocked by the bleacher creatures during the post season.  It took all of two weeks before he began striking back at the crowd.

Or how about Jack McDowell who openly flipped off the fans as he walked off the mound in 1995?

After this deal was announced Bay even went on to say, “I enjoyed my time in New York. I have no regrets in signing with the Mets, other than that I wasn’t able to play to the level that the team, the fans and I all expected and that we weren’t able to win more games. I move on with nothing but an appreciation for the organization and its fans and best wishes to all my teammates there.”

Like I said earlier, I am not sad that Bay won’t be a part of the Mets team, but wherever he goes I wish him great success.

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