MLB Rumors: Are The Washington Nationals Pursuing Zack Greinke?

By Riley Schmitt

With winter approaching, MLB Rumors are starting to pick up a bunch of steam. The best pitching prize on the market is Zack Greinke and he will have lots of suitors. Although some might find this to be a bit of a surprise, it looks like the Washington Nationals are going to make a play for the free agent.

Believe it or not, this might not be shocking.  However, it might say a lot about the future of Stephen Strasburg.  He is going to be super expensive and this might be the Nationals way of saying “we are going to go for it right now.”  This move would certainly not follow their build-from-within motto.  It could also signal that the team would be fine with letting Strasburg go into free agency.

If it comes down to it in the future, they are picking between Strasburg and Greinke.  Although Strasburg is a lot younger, he is also more of an injury risk than Greinke.  That could be the reason why the Nationals are trying to bring him into the fold.  He may not have the ceiling of Strasburg, but he might be more of a sure thing going forward.

This is why the MLB has the best off-season in sports.  There are tons of rumors and a lot of teams that you would not expect try to get involved with big names.  Just think, it can only get more interesting from here.

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