Chicago White Sox: Chris Sale Up For A Couple Awards

By Evan Crum
Dennis Wierzbicki-US Presswire

The offseason for Chris Sale might get better in the coming weeks. Sale has been nominated for the MLB Greatness In Baseball Yearly Awards or the GIBBY’s. Sale has been nominated for two categories Starting Pitcher of the Year and Breakout Pitcher of the Year.

The competition is fierce in both categories. The GIBBY’s aren’t divided between the American or National League, it is for the entire MLB. That makes winning either award for Sale more difficult.

Sale put up great numbers which is why he has been nominated for both of these awards. 2012 was Sale’s first full year with the Chicago White Sox. Sale was 17-8 with a 3.05 ERA. The lefty struck out 192 batters and had one complete game. He also was one of the leaders in WHIP in the American League.

This was a breakout year for Sale; he even garnered an All Star appearance. In fact some have made comparisons to the way Sale pitches to the great Randy Johnson. I would call that a breakout year.

Sale has now become one of the most feared lefties in the league. Sale has taken the spot that Mark Buehrle vacated when he signed with the Miami Marlins. He is now not only the ace on the White Sox staff but also an ace in the American League.

It is going to be hard for Sale to win both Starting Pitcher of the Year and Breakout Pitcher of the year. The competition for the starting pitcher of the year has Matt Cain, David Price, and R.A. Dickey just to name a few.

For Breakout Pitcher of the Year, Sale is competing against Aroldis Chapman, Dickey, and Kris Medlen and that’s just three of the pitchers on the list.

Even if Sale doesn’t win either of the awards it is an honor just to be nominated. Don’t be surprised if Sale is up for Starting Pitcher of the Year again next year, and for years to come.

The White Sox have found an ace. While the hardware would be nice, Sale and the White Sox don’t need any awards to prove how good he is.

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