Kiss My Rant: R.A. Dickey is Best Hope to Improve the Mets

By Craig Moir
Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

On Nov. 14, 2012, MLB will announce their NL CY Young Award winner and shortly after, the New York Mets will have to make a conscious decision for their future.  Knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is among the candidates for the award, while garnering 20 wins and being in the top three in all major categories that decide the award.

The question remains if the Mets should trade Dickey for the future, or if the future relies on the Kilimanjaro-climbing, Mississippi-swimming, zen-like pitcher who is 38 years old.  I say that it is both.

The Mets need to bring in quality outfield help in order to not embarrass themselves in 2013 and Dickey, or left-hander Jonathan Niese, are the most viable options to do just that.  The market will be good for the knuckler, being that any team will probably be able to get another three to four years out of him.  That team should not be the Mets, however.

It would be beneficial for the Mets to keep Niese at his age and being a lefty, and Dickey might be enough to land Arizona Diamondback OF Justin Upton if they throw in a couple prospects from their minors.

Allot some money saved from the Jason Bay release and the Mets may then be able to bring in free agent OF Cody Ross, and suddenly, they have a major league outfield again.

Although I enjoyed watching Dickey pitch back to back one-hitters, win 20 games and simply confuse opponents most of the year with his wicked fast knuckleball,  it would not be in the best interest for Sandy Alderson to keep him.  The future must be now for the Mets when there are young, talented outfielders that can be had.  The minors are bare in that position and the one thing the Mets have is pitching.

So yes, the future does rely on Dickey, but not in a Mets uniform.  Fans undoubtedly do not want to see him go, but yet they want to see their team improve.  A starting rotation that includes Johan Santana, Jonathan Niese, Matt Harvey and Dillon Gee will be good enough to keep them in most games while seeing their power numbers and run production increase.

Let go, Mets fans.  Say goodbye to Dickey and all he has done for the team.  If you do not agree, leave me a comment below, or you can just kiss my rant!


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