MLB Rumors: Are the Chicago White Sox Shopping Tyler Flowers?

By Evan Crum
Jerry Lai-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox might be shopping Tyler Flowers. Rumors coming out of the general manager meetings in California are that the New York Mets seem to be the most interested team.

The shopping of Flowers can mean two things for the White Sox. First, the White Sox are closer to resigning A.J. Pierzynski then most people think. That would mean that the backup to Pierzynski would be Josh Phegley. The second would be that the White Sox aren’t confident in Flowers ability even though they have said that they are.

I think that if the White Sox are going to trade Flowers they better get someone great in return. I don’t know much about the Mets farm system. Apparently the only two players that the Mets won’t trade are Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler there two best prospects in their system.  Other than those two players I can’t begin to tell you who are the prime prospects in the Mets farm system.

I can tell you that I don’t agree with the thoughts of trading Flowers. I don’t think that Pierzynski is going to resign with the White Sox. He is going to want a lot of money especially since he just won a Silver Slugger award.

Because of that the White Sox need a capable stating catcher. Flowers would be there guy, seeing as the White Sox organization has been talking about Flowers being ready for the last few years. I’m not knocking Phegley since I think he is ready for the big leagues as well. I just don’t think Phegley ready to be an everyday starter.

If the White Sox get amazing players from the Mets then go ahead and trade Flowers. If they don’t get multiple players or some outstanding prospect, then the White Sox better keep Flowers.

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