Atlanta Braves Turn Down Prospect Swap

By Ryan Gaydos
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The Texas Rangers are trying to make some moves this offseason to try and get closer to a possible deal for Arizona Diamondbacks slugger Justin Upton. This past weekend, the Rangers tried to gain some traction in the possible Upton deal by trying to acquire shorstop Andrelton Simmons from the Atlanta Braves for one of the Rangers’ organization’s top prospect in outfielder Mike Olt. The Braves turned down the deal.

The Diamondbacks want Simmons but the Braves need Simmons more than corner outfield help at this point. Simmons got a little bit of a taste in the majors this season playing in 49 games batting an impressive .289/.335/.416. Simmons also impressed baseball people with his range at the position which made him an even greater asset to the Rangers and the Diamondbacks.

Arizona is looking for a shorstop but the Rangers are reluctant to trade top prospect Jurickson Profar and even veteran Elvis Andrus to complete a trade for Upton. Profar got a call up with the Rangers in 2012 as well. He played in nine games with the club, had a home run but was only 3-for-17 in the span. Andrus, on the other hand, had a great season batting a career-high .286, driving in 62 RBI and hitting 31 doubles.

Olt is moving up the ranks in the organization after hitting 26 home runs in Double-A last year.

It would be hard to see the Rangers letting go of any young player especially since Josh Hamilton may not be back next season. It will also be hard to see the Braves deal Simmons since he seems like he is going to be the starting shorstop in Atlanta next season.

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