Congratulations to the Mets R.A Dickey on Winning the NL CY Young Award

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

First of all, I would like to congratulate New York Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey on performing yet another impossible task in his life at the age of 38: becoming the first knuckleball pitcher in MLB history to win the NL CY Young Award.

We all have heard the story of Dickey, the road he has traveled to get to this point in his life after reinventing himself chasing a dream.  The below-average pitcher that began his career as a member of the Texas Rangers, but spent most of his time in the minors around two leagues.  The man who refused to give up with a supportive wife and loving family that never wanted him to lose the vision of making it in the majors.

Dickey is the man who swam the Mississippi, climbed Kilimanjaro to find peace, pitches without a tendon in his arm, and went through most of the 2012 season with a torn abdominal muscle.  Dickey is the first Mets pitcher since Frank Viola in 1990 to win 20 games and will always remain a fan favorite for what he has accomplished the past three years with the team.

I know I have been looked at as a heretic for stating that the Mets should trade Dickey now in order to bring back the most options available to help this team in the future.  Whatever Sandy Alderson decides to do, I will still stand by the team I have loved for 30 years.

I loved watching Dickey take the mound every fifth day.  I thoroughly enjoyed the confusion on the faces of opposing batters as they stepped out of the box shaking their heads at what they just witnessed.  I would also be thrilled if the Mets could find some way, somehow, to keep R.A. Dickey while being able to improve the team where it is needed.

As a fan, I will always believe that the Mets can field a winner.  But today, it is all about the hardest throwing knuckler the majors has ever seen.  Tonight is all about one man who has revolutionized the uncontrollable pitch.  Tonight is about that peaceful being that became one with his baseball, and commanded it to wreak chaos on opponents.

Thank you R.A. Dickey for giving Mets fans hope every time you took the mound.  Tonight is yours, and you deserve the NL CY Young Award more than anyone in recent memory.  No matter what the future holds, I will always be a fan because of not only the way you control the mound, but the role model you have become for everyone everywhere.  Congratulations!!


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