MLB Rumors: Cody Ross Fits Philadelphia Perfectly

By David A. Cattai

Earlier this week, news broke that the Philadelphia Phillies have interest in free agent outfielder Cody Ross. The Phillies have a significant interest in adding some outfield help this off season. Ross could be the answer for the Phillies. General Manager Ruben Amaro Jr. may need to dish out a good amount of money for Ross, who is looking for at least a 3-year deal worth at least $25 million.

Ross has shown over the past few seasons and throughout his career that he can be a key component to a contender. If you cue the 2010 NLCS Game 6 video, then obviously you can see that Ross can be a power presence on any MLB roster.

Ross was drafted in the fourth round of the 1999 amateur draft. He made a name for himself while playing for a franchise in Florida now known as the Miami Marlins. Ross has never been the main option for a major league club so he my be a perfect fit for this Phillies’ ball club.

Obviously the Phillies are looking to get younger but adding a 32-year old outfielder who can play all three positions could be what the Phillies need. Ross is coming off one of the better offensive seasons of his career. Last season he spent the year playing in Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park is known as a hitters park but Citizens Bank Park is not that different other than its dimensions. Ever since it has opened, Citizens Bank Park has been one of the best hitters parks in the entire league. So why wouldn’t the Phillies try and go after Ross? Look for the Phillies to put together a deal that could land Ross and have him playing in red pinstripes for the next couple of seasons.


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