MLB Rumors: If Giancarlo Stanton Is Available, Would The Chicago Cubs Inquire?

By Randy Holt
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

In case you haven’t heard, an absolutely massive trade went down between the Miami Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday, firmly establishing the Marlins as the joke of Major League Baseball. After their major spending spree last winter, the Marlins have nothing left to show for it, sending all of Josh JohnsonMark BuehrleJose Reyes, and Emilio Bonifacio to the Jays.

That essentially leaves the Marlins with one notable player, in outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. And if he has his way, he might not be around too much longer, either. Stanton tweeted that he was “pissed off” following the trade, and with the Marlins looking like cellar dwellers next season, he could be the next to go to get a blue chip prospect or two.

Should the Marlins make Stanton available, would the Chicago Cubs have interest? That’s probably a stupid question. Of course they would have interest. It’s just a matter of whether or not they’d act on those interests.

Somewhat quietly, Stanton had his best offensive season as a member of the Marlins in 2012. His slash line was the best of  his career, finishing .290/.361/.608/.969. He belted 37 home runs and knocked in 86 runs, the latter being just one short of his career high. The kid is obviously an offensive powerhouse.

The Cubs lack a right fielder. David DeJesus is there right now, but he could easily play center and doesn’t figure to be in the long term plans anyway. Stanton would give the Cubs a stud in the outfield, and a monster presence in the middle of the lineup to put next to Anthony Rizzo.

Of course, that would require the Cubs to have the chips to pull off such a trade. They probably do have the pieces to pull of a trade. But given the fact that a piece required would probably be shortstop/third base prospect Javier Baez, the Cubs probably aren’t willing to surrender what the Marlins would want.

For now, Stanton remains a pipe dream for fans on the North Side. But it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see him leave South Beach in the very near future. With another fire sale completely underway in Miami, it looks like he could be the next to go. Perhaps the Texas Rangers shift gears from Justin Upton and take a look? Stay tuned.

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