R.A. Dickey Named NL Cy Young Award Winner

By lauraludlum
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE



Finally the announcement was made, finally a knuckleball pitcher won the Cy Young Award, and most of all, finally New York Mets pitcher, R.A. Dickey, got what he deserves after a long, hard season.

Up against Clayton Kershaw (2.53 ERA, 229 strikeouts, 14 wins) and Gio Gonzalez (2.89 ERA, 207 strikeouts, 21 wins), Dickey managed to get 27 out of 32 possible first place votes.

It’s not a surprise to Mets fan, or really anyone who follows baseball at all, because Dickey has been the story of the year.

Because the award is voted on by humans, not a mathematical equation, you can’t help to ignore the human element.  While Dickey posted great numbers this season, including a 2.73 ERA, 20 wins, and a league leading 230 strikeouts, it’s hard to ignore his story.  Those writers who voted Dickey in the first slot could never convince me it was based on statistics alone.

I also have to point this out.  While the finalists were displayed on three large screens waiting for the award to be announced, I noticed their attire; Clayton was sporting a backwards ball cap, and Gio Gonzalez donned a white tee shirt, while Dickey had on a brown sweater, button down shirt, and tie.

I know most people will think that has nothing to do with anything in regards to the Cy Young Award, but it does.  Steve Carlton, Bob Gibson, Jim Palmer, Sandy Koufax, and fellow Met, Tom Seaver have won this award in years prior.  A player should feel a sense of pride that he is receiving an award that some of the game’s most elite have won, and should reflect a certain amount of class during the presentation.

All I have left to say is the 2012 National League Cy Young Award was awarded to the most deserving pitcher.

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