Top 10 Most Underrated Players in MLB

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MLB Top 10 Underrated Players

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In every sport there are always overrated players and underrated players. This is a fact and it is also something that fans tend to argue about over and over. I wanted to take a look at the ten most underrated players in the MLB.

First of all, being underrated isn’t a bad thing. A lot of times someone who is underrated in the fans eyes are just players who don’t get media attention. To their peers they know how good that player is.

Sometimes fans will also look at certain players on their team who never get any attention from the national media. A perfect example of this would be Joe Crede. For many Chicago White Sox fans, Crede was always unrecognized by the national media. He never got any attention.

That is true but most baseball fans knew that Crede was a good baseball player. I personally never heard any knowledgeable baseball fan say that Crede couldn’t play. He was underrated because his name was never brought up as great third basemen in baseball when he played.

I think that another reason that some fans want to hang onto the underrated status for some players is because they want to say that they were cheering for that player before he got recognized. I guess one can call it the hipster attitude. You know, I liked this band before they got popular so now I’m cooler then you are.

I decided in my list that I would go off of numbers and the attention they do receive from the national media. There are a couple players on here that would probably surprise you. The list is in no particular order for the record.

Let’s start.

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Michael Young

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Young is a perfect example of someone who is underrated. Time and time again he is voted as the most underrated player in the entire MLB by his peers. Young has been on the Texas Rangers since 2001 and was named to his first All-Star game in 2004. He is a seven time All-Star. He is one of the best infielders in the game.

In his 13 year career, Young is a .301 hitter with an on base percentage of .347. Let’s not forget that he also has 177 home runs and 984 RBI’s. Those are impressive numbers for anyone.

Yet ask a basic baseball fan about Young and they wouldn’t know the first thing about him. If you didn’t watch Baseball Tonight or see Young play your favorite team you would never hear of him.

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Emilo Bonifacio

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This young player will hopefully be a household name. He is underrated by most fans and not by teams. Why do I say that? He was just traded to the Toronto Blue Jays and the Blue Jays really wanted him.

In 2012 Bonifacio only played in 64 games and still batted .258. In 2011 he batted .296 and drove in 36 runs.

Blue Jays fans should be happy they got him because this is a young player who is going to be impressive for a very long time

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Corey Hart

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Excuse the pun but Hart really is the Hart of the Milwaukee Brewers. He is a fan favorite up in Milwaukee, but other than that most fans who aren’t women, don’t seem to know who he is.

Hart put up good numbers in 2012. He hit .270 and had an on base percentage of .334. In his six year career Hart is a .276 hitter and already has 154 home runs. Hart is a better offensive player than defensive. Career wise he has a .985 fielding percentage.

I still never hear Hart’s name mentioned when the “experts” talk about one of the most dangerous outfielders in the National League. I think that should change.

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Shane Victorino

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There are a couple places where Victorino isn’t underrated those would be his native Hawaii and Philadelphia. Other than that, despite being a two time All-Star and a three time Gold Glove Winner he is rarely mentioned as a great outfielder.

Victorino was one of the reasons that the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. In his nine year career he is a .275 hitter with an on base percentage of .341. He never has been a power hitter so I’m sure that’s one of the reasons that he isn’t talked about as much.

Victorino won’t be underrated on whatever team he will be on in 2013 but yet outside of that city and Hawaii you won’t hear his name very often.

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Ben Zobrist

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I put Zobrist on this list because he is a player that I tend to forget about when I think of great hitters with the Tampa Bay Rays. I don’t know why I do, because he always seems to frustrate the White Sox when they play the Rays. Zobrist will make a big hit and I remember that he’s on the team.

Zobrist is a .260 hitter and has an on base percentage of .354. Like I said, he tends to come up with the clutch hits for the Rays and he is one of those players that I forget about all the time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who forgets about him.

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Mike Moustakas

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I know what you’re saying “Evan, Moustakas has only played two years. How is he underrated?” Well I have an answer. The reason Moustakas is on here is because I never hear his name from anyone besides Kansas City Royals fans and from fans of the four other teams in the AL Central.

Moustakas is one of most young underrated third baseman right now. He is never talked about from the national media and he is very talented and well worth being talked about.

In 2012 he batted .242 and hit 20 home runs. There were a few times where those home runs were clutch for the Royals.

I expect Moustakas to be a household name in a few years, just remember that you heard of him first from me.

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Brett Gardner

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I’m actually bit surprised that I put Gardner on this list. He plays for the New York Yankees meaning that he should get all the press in the world. Yet, when fans think Yankees, Gardner’s name isn’t one that immediately jumps to the front of the list.

Gardner was injured most of 2012 so to take a look at those numbers wouldn’t do him justice. In 2011 the speedy leftfielder hit .259 and had an on base percentage of .345. He also stole 49 bases. Yes, you read that right 49 bases.

In his young career, Gardner already has a total of 137 bases that he has stolen. He is a constant threat when he is on base.

Gardner is a special type of player; I’m just surprised more haven’t heard of him.

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Nick Markakis

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I still can’t believe that Markakis is on this list. Hasn’t he done enough to warrant not being underrated?

I guess not, so let me throw some numbers out to you. In 2012 Markakis hit .298, drove in 54 runs, and had 13 home runs. Career wise he is a .295 hitter.

Markakis is a Gold Glove winner and career wise has a .986 fielding percentage. Markakis is another player who seems to hit those clutch home runs or drives in clutch runs for the Baltimore Orioles.

With all those great numbers guess how many All-Star games has Markakis has gone to? Zero. Hopefully that changes in 2013.

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Billy Butler

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Butler is another player that outside of Kanas City and the AL Central a basic baseball fan would never hear of him.

Butler is another player that if you aren’t watching Baseball Tonight he is never talked about. I guess the lone exception could be in 2012 when Butler was mentioned more than just Baseball Tonight and in Kansas City. Why? The All-Star game was in Kansas City and Butler was an All-Star.

Take a look at Butler’s career numbers, he is a .300 hitter. He has 103 home runs and an on base percentage of .362. Oh and Butler is only 26. Those numbers are only going to get better. He's a fantastic player which is why Royals fans love him.

If Butler was playing for the Yankees or Boston Red Sox his jersey would be a top seller and his name would be all over the place.

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Shin-Soo Choo

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I’m sure this is a name that most people expected to be on the list. Choo is the epitome of a player that is underrated. He is never talked about and no one outside of South Korea, Cleveland and the rest of the AL Central seems to know who he is.

The Cleveland Indians traded for Choo in 2006 when the Seattle Mariners wanted Ben Broussard. I think that the Mariners want Choo back.

Choo is a career .289 hitter and has an on base percentage of .381. He is a fixture in the outfield for the Indians and is a dangerous hitter.

Once again if he was playing for the Yankees, Red Sox or another popular team fans would know Choo’s name. Instead he is in Cleveland where he will never get any recognition.