Torii Hunter Is Back To Frustrate The Chicago White Sox

By Evan Crum
Matthew Emmons-US Presswire

Well it looks like the Chicago White Sox can’t escape Torii Hunter. The Detroit Tigers did the White Sox a disservice and signed Hunter to a contract this week.

The Tigers gave Hunter a contract worth $26 million for two years. Meaning that at least for the next two years White Sox fans might be shaking their fists at Hunter like they used to do. At least when Hunter was on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim they only had to see Hunter six or eight times a year.

Hunter has always been a White Sox killer. In his career, Hunter is a .267 hitter against the White Sox. He has hit 27 home runs and has driven in 97 runs.

While those numbers aren’t eye popping, I can tell you from firsthand experience that Hunter seems to always kill the White Sox. He always makes the clutch hit when his team needed it against the White Sox.

The Tigers signing Hunter strengthens their outfield defensively and offensively. Hunter won’t be patrolling center since Curtis Granderson is there but he will be in left making the Tigers outfield, at least on paper, one of the best in the American League.

There is one caveat to this signing. Hunter is older than when he was playing for the Minnesota Twins and killing the White Sox. He is 37. Yes, Hunter had a great year with the Angels. He hit .313 with them. I don’t think that Hunter can do that on a consistent basis anymore though.

For White sox fans it will pain them to see Hunter all the time like they did in the past. But don’t worry White Sox fans; I don’t think Hunter is the same player he was for the Twins.

Besides, to win the division the White Sox have to beat the good teams. The Tigers have just become the favorites to win the division again.

It’s time for the White Sox to step up and do something and not be left in the dust.

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