Chicago Cubs Make Curious Move In Signing Dioner Navarro

By Andy Schmidt

Theo Epstein and the Chicago Cubs signed yet minor free agent on Thursday with a one-year deal for Dioner Navarro. Navarro is likely going to be a backup catcher for the Cubs, which doesn’t inspire much confidence that the team will be any better in 2012.

Yes, Navarro is a switch-hitter who made an All-Star team in 2008 but really what is the point of making this move? You can’t tell me that there wasn’t a better option than this out there whether it be in the minor leagues or in free agency. This just screams of the Cubs rebuilding project of signing lower free agents to just get the team through the 2013 season. I wish the Cubs would have at least stuck their necks out even more and tried to make some sort of move even if it took a few more dollars.

I am behind the rebuilding effort since throwing money at the problem didn’t fix it and a lot of the Cubs’ farm system is still a year or two away from doing anything with no real catching prospects there. There really isn’t much that the Cub fan can do now unless they plan to not go to Wrigley Field to show how angry there are about losing and acting like a small-market team, which could be counter productive. I can only imagine the reaction if it ends up being Scott Baker pitching and Navarro behind the plate on Opening Day on April 1. There is no doubt Epstein and the Ricketts family are not going to like what they see and will hope the 2014 season was starting.

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