Cubs Add Final Piece to the Puzzle in Dioner Navarro


The Chicago Cubs are continuing their awesome off-season by adding catcher Dioner Navarro to the fold for 2013. Navarro has drafted by and played with the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays, Los Angeles Dodgers and most recently with the Cincinnati Reds in his nine-year career. Navarro is a lifetime .245 hitter with 41 career home runs. His best season (he was also an All Star) with the Rays in 2008 when he batted .295 with seven home runs and 54 RBI.

So far, the Cubs have added an injured starting pitcher (Scott Baker) and a backup catcher. For a team that lost over 100 games last season, this doesn’t give me much hope for 2013. But don’t worry, Theo Epstein and company have a plan.

I just don’t see how much longer us Cubs fans can take this charade. We hear how the Cubs are going to spare no expense to make this thing better. But considering that it looks to be an even worse team than last year, I would like to know exactly what the goal is for 2013. With ticket prices being around the highest in baseball and a horrific product, sooner or later fans will find better ways of spending money.

It won’t take much to have this team competitive. But with moves that seem to be illogical, this team has no chance to get better. Instead of keeping things bad for the sake of developing the farm system, wouldn’t it make more sense to create an atmosphere of winning so your good young players understand what it takes to win?

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