Kansas City Royals Lose Jason Bourgeois to Free Agency

By Bandon Decker
Jason Bourgeois Kansas City Royals
John Rieger – US Presswire

Last March, the Kansas City Royals acquired outfielder Jason Bourgeois along with catcher Humberto Quintero from the Houston Astros. Bourgeois was really just a bonus for the Royals; the main goal of the trade was to get a catcher after both Salvador Perez and Manny Piña were injured in Spring Training. But Quintero actually only stayed in Kansas City until Perez was fit again in mid-summer and Bourgeois ended up the longer serving product of the trade.

But he is gone now; he was designated for assignment just after the month started and although he cleared waivers he opted for free agency instead of going to AAA Omaha. It’s not much of a loss for the Royals, though Bourgeois did make a useful backup outfielder. He got perhaps more playing time than one would expect with Lorenzo Cain missing so much of the year with injury. He did only appear in thirty games, though, and spent most of the year at AAA. In the end he is more of a useful asset then someone who the Royals would really be sorry to lose.

What might be a bit disappointing for the Royals, though, is to lose the two prospects that were traded to the Astros for effectively nothing. They weren’t top prospects and they were likely aware of that Quintero would not stick around. But it still will be a bit disappointing I think to effectively throw away two players as they did. In addition, the Royals minor-league outfield is hardly looking bare, but there is no one who could definitely slot in. All things considered the Royals will not be shedding any tears, but might think things could have gone better.

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