2013 MLB Mock Draft

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2013 MLB Mock Draft

MLB Mock
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Even though the 2013 MLB Draft won’t be held for another seven months or so it is never too early to focus in on who are the top prospects entering Major League Baseball’s annual selection process. Unlike the NFL or NBA drafts the players who are selected in the MLB Draft are virtually unheard of to the casual sports fan largely in part to the obscurity level in which high school and college baseball is televised and covered by the media as opposed the 24/7 coverage and live events televised with diamond dwellers counterparts of the grid iron or hardwood.

Just in case you aren’t too familiar with the MLB Draft’s player eligibility rules they are simple; any player who has obtained a high school degree or equivalency is eligible unless the player enrolls in a institute of higher learning, if the player does enroll in a university or college then that player must wait until three years after their last day of high school before he can become eligible for the MLB draft.

The 2013 MLB Draft will have 31 selections in the first round; each of the 30 franchises will have one selection and the Pittsburgh Pirates have a second which was awarded to them as compensation for their failure to sign Mark Appel after selecting him in the 2012 Draft. Many of the players that I have in this first edition of my 2013 MLB Mock Draft are high schoolers due to the large talent pool currently playing on that level. Without further adieu I present to you my 2013 MLB Mock Draft.

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#1 Houston Astros - Mark Appel RHP Stanford

Jake Roth-US Presswire

Last season Mark Appel decided to head back to Stanford to finish out his career there after being selected eighth overall by the Pirates. Appel was also selected in the 15th round by the Detroit Tigers in the 2009 MLB Draft before he decided to go to Stanford. Appel will be ready for the Majors in no time with his mid 90's fastball, cutter, change up and slider along with tremendous mound presence which should make Houston Astros fans fall in love with him very soon.

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#2 Chicago Cubs - Jeremy Martinez C Mater Dei HS (CA)

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US Presswire

Jeremy Martinez is the closet pro-ready high school prospect entering the 2013 and has the ability to not only defend extremely well behind the plate but also is a fine hitter at it. Martinez was a member of the USA U18 Baseball team which proves that he is one of the finest high school players currently in the sport. If the Chicago Cubs select him here they could solidify their catching position for the next decade or so.

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#3 Colorado Rockies - Austin Meadows OF Grayson HS (GA)

Chris Humphreys-US Presswire

Austin Meadows is a fine, five-tool player who can hit for power to all fields despite being a left-handed batter. Meadows has exceptional speed on the base paths and a terrific glove in the outfield which makes him a very attractive early select in the 2013 Draft. The Colorado Rockies need to continue to improve their young talent and Meadows would be a great pick up for them here.

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#4 Minnesota Twins - Sean Manaea LHP Indiana State

Rick Osentoski-US Presswire

Sean Manaea is a hard throwing, 6'5" lefty who can gas up his heater around 96 mph and posses a filthy slider that disappears from hitters at around 83 mph. Manaea still needs to work on his change up and possibly another pitch to aid his arsenal, but with his two premium pitches (fast and slider) he could be a fine addition to the Minnesota Twins organization.

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#5 Cleveland Indians - Ryne Stanek RHP Arkansas

Bruce Thorson-US Presswire

Ryne Stanek is a quality pitcher already at such a young age who posses three pitches which are all effective and can take him very far. Stanek's fastball has been known to reach 97mph, his curve ball is a hard one and stays in the low 80's while his change up sits in the mid 80's; he is a power pitcher personified. The Cleveland Indians would love to have this kid in their organization in hopes that one day he could be the ace of the Big League staff.

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#6 Miami Marlins - Clint Frazier OF Loganville HS (GA)

Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

Clint Frazier may not just posses the quickest bat speed of any player in this draft but also out of the past few drafts; it's been said you can hear his swing. The ball literally jumps off of Frazier's bat which should earn him plenty respect on the professional level. The Miami Marlins seem to be gun-ho on rebuilding their farm system and Frazier would be an ideal building block for them.

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#7 Boston Red Sox - Clinton Hollon RHP Woodford County HS (KY)

Red Sox
Greg M. Cooper-US Presswire

Clinton Hollon is a good, young right handed-pitcher who can throw four quality pitches but still has plenty of room for improvement. His fastball, curve and change up all seem as they have the ability to be plus pitches on the next level and Hollon would be a great addition for a Boston Red Sox organization that appears to be short on young arms.

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#8 Kansas City Royals - Austin Wilson OF Stanford

Denny Medley-US Presswire

Austin Wilson is another fine outfielder who should be selected near the top of this draft thanks to both his five-tool skills and his outstanding awareness and understanding of the game. At 6'5" Wilson could be a tremendous presence both physically and skill wise in the middle of the Kansas City Royals lineup in just a year or two.

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#9 Pittsburgh Pirates (for failure to sign Mark Appel in 2012) - Karsten Whitson RHP Florida

Bruce Thorson-US Presswire

Karsten Whitson was selected in eighth overall in the 2010 MLB Draft by the San Diego Padres but decided to attend Florida instead. Whitson is a 6'4" power pitcher whose fastball consistently reaches the upper 90's and has a great curve ball and an above average change up as well, he could be exactly what the Pittsburgh Pirates need after missing out on Appel a season ago.

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#10 Toronto Blue Jays - Bobby Wahl RHP Ole Miss

Blue Jays
John E. Sokolowski-US Presswire

Bobby Wahl is one of the top college pitching prospects entering the 2013 MLB Draft. Wahl's fast ball reaches the upper 90's, he has a nasty slider and his change up is in the low 80's and posses the ability to fade away late. The Toronto Blue Jays would consider themselves lucky if they get the opportunity to select Wahl with the 10th pick.

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#11 New York Mets - Kris Bryant 3B San Diego

Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

Kris Bryant is an outstanding third baseman who posses power to all fields and really pick it at the hot corner as well. Bryant also has a very strong arm and can gun runners out at first base in almost any situation. If the New York Mets draft him here, Bryant could very well be David Wright's replacement one day.

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#12 Seattle Mariners - Oscar Mercado SS Gaither HS (FL)

Steven Bisig-US Presswire

Oscar Mercado is without question the best defensive middle infielder in this entire draft at such a young age he already posses the glove, arm and range of a Major Leaguer. Mercado can also handle himself at the plate as well which has all the scouts raving about his possibilities at the Big League level one day. The Seattle Mariners would be foolish to pass up on Mercado if he is still available here at number 12.

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#13 San Diego Padres - Willie Abreu OF Mater HS (FL)

Christopher Hanewinckel-US Presswire

Willie Abreu is one of the purest hitters in this draft and should develop more power as he matures just a bit more. At 6'4", 210 lbs once Abreu learns how to use his body better he should be able to transform many of the doubles which he hits into homers. The San Diego Padres should definitely select Abreu here and watch him possibly turn into their next great franchise player in due time.

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#14 Pittsburgh Pirates - Colin Moran 3B/1B North Carolina

Bob Donnan-US Presswire

Anytime a player posses the ability to play both corner infield positions that just increases the value of that player. Not only can Colin Moran do exactly that but he swing that bat pretty well and has uncanny plate discipline for such a young player. The Pittsburgh Pirates definitely can't lose with selecting Morin here at number 14.

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#15 Arizona Diamondbacks - Robert Kaminski LHP St. Joseph HS (NJ)

Jennifer Hilderbrand-US Presswire

Robert Kaminski is fine young pitcher who has great command of three pitches at a young age (fastball, curve and change up which means that he should definitely be one of the top selections in 2013. Kaminski is very mature on the mound despite his young age which is another reason why the Arizona Diamondbacks should strongly consider taking the New jersey native here.

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#16 Philadelphia Phillies - Dominic Ficociello 1B Arkansas

Matt Ryerson-US Presswire

Dominic Ficociello is one of the top switch hitters available in this year's draft, he is a excellent pure hitter and can also hit for power on occasions. With the glove he is also very solid displaying the ability to make difficult plays and also scooping many balls thrown to him in the dirt. The Philadelphia Phillies should take Ficociello with this pick if he's still available.

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#17 Milwaukee Brewers - Keegan Thompson RHP Cullman HS (AL)

Brad Mills-US Presswire

Keegan Thompson is a tremendous young pitcher who will only continue to improve as time goes on and when he does he could be one of the better pitchers in the game. Thompson already has excellent command of his three pitches (mid 90's fastball, curve and change) and should get stronger as his body continues to develop. The Milwaukee Brewers always seem to be in need of pitching and this former Gatorade Player of the Year in Alabama could provide exactly that for them.

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#18 Chicago White Sox - Zach Collins C American Heritage HS (FL)

White Sox
David Richard-US Presswire

Zach Collins is one of the best catching prospects currently on the high school level; he posses tremendous size and power at the plate and can truly smash the baseball a long way. Collins does however need to work on his defense behind the plate but if that doesn't work out for him first base could always be in his future. The Chicago White Sox would love to add a bat such as Collins in the organization and here is their opportunity.

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#19 Los Angeles Dodgers - Jordan Sheffield RHP Tullahoma HS (TN)

Christopher Hanewinckel-US Presswire

Jordan Sheffield is another quality right-handed pitcher in this draft who has a great fastball and good command of his other pitches as well (power curve and slider). Sheffield has committed to Vanderbilt which could make him a difficult player to sign if drafted but if any team has the money to throw around and persuade him to join their organization the Los Angeles Dodgers certainly are that team.

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#20 St. Louis Cardinals - Kohl Stewrat RHP St. Pius X HS (TX)

Kyle Terada-US Presswire

Besides being a star baseball player in high school Kohl Stewart is also a blue chip quarterback prospect and has a commitment to play at Texas A&M however with Johnny Manziel currently occupying that position Stewart could possibly sign with a pro baseball franchise if he is selected high enough. The St. Louis Cardinals could be that team to entice that his future is on the diamond.

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#21 Detroit Tigers - Jonah Wesley LHP Tracy HS (CA)

Tim Fuller-US Presswire

Jonah Wesley is a tremendous left-handed pitcher who can not only consistently touch 95 with his fastball but also has tremendous command of his other pitches including his big, slow curve ball and solid change up. The Detroit Tigers already have a tremendous young staff and Wesley could be an ideal addition for them to keep that going.

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#22 Los Angeles Angels - Stephen Gonsalves LHP Cathedral Catholic HS (CA)

Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

Stephen Gonsalves is another left-handed pitcher available in this draft that could have a very bright future ahead of him. At 6'5" he can consistently reach the mid 90's with his fastball and his frame dictates that he could possibly become stronger which means that he would be able to throw harder and longer throughout his career. The Los Angeles Angels would love to have a younger pitcher of Gonsalves caliber in their organization.

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#23 Tampa Bay Rays - Chris Rivera SS El Dorado HS (CA)

Kim Klement-US Presswire

Chris Rivera is not only an outstanding defender in the field but also has a quick, compact swing that will allow him to hit for a high average on any level he competes on. Physically Rivera has the make up of a modern day shortstop at 6'1" 175 lbs and the Tampa Bay Rays could possibly have him and Evan Longoria on the left side of their infield.

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#24 Baltimore Orioles - Jonathon Crawford RHP Florida

Rob Foldy-US Presswire

Jonathon Crawford not only has pretty stuff but he also possess a certain poise about him having thrown a no-hitter for Florida in 2012. Crawford has a low 90's fastball with movement as well as a very deceptive slider which completely out of hitters reach. The Baltimore Orioles without question could use some help bolstering the pitching within their organization and Crawford could do that for them here.

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#25 Texas Rangers - Chris Okey C Eustis HS (FL)

Tim Heitman-US Presswire

Chris Okey is yet another catcher that could go in the first round; he is exceptional on both offense and defense but his best asset might be his high level character. Okey is a tremendous athlete playing catcher and with the right experience and time he could turn into a tremendous catcher who is also an exceptional athlete. The Texas Rangers would love to have him in their organization with his quick release, fast bat speed and overall personality in their organization growing with their young pitchers.

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#26 Oakland A's - Reese McGuire C Kentwood HS (WA)

Ed Szczepanski-US Presswire

Reese McGuire is a one of the better defensive catchers in the draft and has a great arm along with an equally effective glove to go along with it. McGuire is a solid contact hitter who won't wow many with his power but could consistently hit near .300 in the Show one day. If McGuire pans out as he should the Oakland A's and he would be a terrific fit; Terry Steinbach 2.0.

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#27 San Francisco Giants - Adam Plutko RHP UCLA

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US Presswire

Adam Plutko is one of the more polished pitchers in the draft; he has a mid 90's fastball, an exceptional change up and a very solid curve ball that could be his key pitch when perfected. Plutko already knows how it feels to be the ace of a staff having played that role at UCLA so with that aspect combined with his stuff you could see him in a Big League uniform sooner than later. The San Francisco Giants always put an emphasis on pitching so seeing Plutko getting selected by the World Champs seems right.

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#28 Atlanta Braves - Justin Williams OF Terrebonne HS (LA)

Daniel Shirey-US Presswire

Justin Williams may just be the best power hitter in the entire draft having won two All-American home run derbies before graduating from high school. Williams is extremely raw but possess an easy swing, great bat speed and fine athletic skills which makes a potential highlight reel waiting to happen. Williams would blend in well with the Atlanta Braves organization and could be their next teen-sensation making things happen during the postseason; the new Andrew Jones maybe?

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#29 New York Yankees - Cavan Biggio 2B St. Thomas HS (TX)

The Star-Ledger-US Presswire

If the last Biggio sounds familiar that's because it is, Cavan Biggio's father is seven-time all-star Craig Biggio who played several positions on the diamond including where his son is currently playing second base. As a defender Biggio is remarkable at the plate he possess he hits for average and will continue to develp his power as he matures. Why wouldn't this be a great selection for the New York Yankees who have one of the oldest infields in the Majors.

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#30 Cincinnati Reds - Trey Ball LHP New Castle Chrysler HS (IN)

Frank Victores-US Presswire

Trey Ball is as good of a hitter as he is a pitcher which means his future could lie on either side of the equation. Ball can rake at the dish and besides that enormous fact he also posses a naturally sinking fastball that touches 94mph and as well as an above average slider and change up. If the Cincinnati Reds select Ball they would have to seriously ponder on which route he would help the organization best; however seeing how capable he is at either that doesn't appear to be such a bad dilemma to be in.

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#31 Washington Nationals - John Kilichowski LHP Jesuit HS (FL)

Brad Mills-US Presswire

John Kilichowski is a skilled lefty who could one day grow to be a more of a tremendous setup man or closer than a starter. Kilichowski has a deceptive sinking fastball that stays in the low 90's along with a decent slider and change that with improvement could both become out pitches. Why wouldn't this be a great pick for the Washington Nationals who not only need to have a win now mentality but also makes the right draft picks to maintain that over time.

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