Miami Marlins Broke Verbal Deals With Mark Buehrle And Jose Reyes

By Ryan Gaydos
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Miami Marlins made a terribly sharp trade with the Toronto Blue Jays earlier in the week that sent the rest of their high-priced talent the team had signed prior to the 2012 season, among others, to the Blue Jays for a good and some OK prospects. However, betraying the fans was not the only crime owner Jeffrey Loria and President David Samson committed, the two broke verbal no-trade clauses with Mark Buehrle and Jose Reyes.

Both Buehrle and Reyes were both concerned with the team’s long, notorious history of not granting no-trade clauses and free agent’s contracts. With that in mind, Samson promised both Buehrle and Reyes that the two would be in the team’s long-term plans and that they will not be traded. However, nothing was ever written on a piece of paper which came back to bite both of them.

In a different situation, you could not feel sorry for either player given the enormous amount of money both players signed for (Buehrle signed for four years, $58 million and Reyes six years, $106 million). Both players should have put the clause in their contracts but given the situation and now irreparable damage that both Loria and Samson have caused the team is devastating.

With this story breaking, it just puts the whole organization down into a deeper hole than it already was in. The front office has now lost the trust of any and every free agent that they will ever try to lure into the franchise. They have also turned the business of baseball into a laughing stock. The 2013 is a little more than a Triple-A team but it will not fare well this season, you could already tell.

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