Big winter for Kansas City Royals' Dayton Moore

By Bandon Decker
Dayton Moore Kansas City Royals
Peter G. Aiken – US Presswire

Dayton Moore has played a long game with the Kansas City Royals. Over the years he has been General Manager he has gradually built up the best farm system in baseball. His moves have not always, indeed not often, been popular in Kansas City as established players have departed for prospects and the losing seasons have piled up.

But now the grand plan seems close to fruition. The exciting young prospects are close to the major leagues and the Royals may be only a few years and a few finishing touches away from becoming a championship contending team. Certainly they should be on the verge even this year of being back above .500 on a regular basis. But that means that this winter and possibly the next few are even more important for both the Royals and to the long-term prospects of Dayton Moore.

I said there were a few finishing touches to be applied, but they will not necessarily be easy. It is time for Moore to change his tactics to the short term and he has made a very good start to that by trading for Ervin Santana. Now the rest of this winter and maybe the next one as well represent ‘crunch time’ for Moore. He simply has to succeed here or the last several years will have been close to a waste.

Not that I disagree with what Moore has done by any means. I think some of the execution could have gone better, but it has been a very good plan overall. But it only works if he finishes and the Royals hopes and possibly Moore’s job hinges on him doing just that.

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