How Does Marlins-Blue Jays Trade Affect The Chicago Cubs?

By Randy Holt
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

The baseball world was shaken up by the major deal that went down between the Toronto Blue Jays and Miami Marlins last week, which will have a major impact on the American League East and made the Marlins more of a laughingstock of a franchise than they already are.

The Jays received the likes of Josh JohnsonJose ReyesMark Buehrle, and Emilio Bonifacio in the deal, among others, while the Marlins took back some prospects. Along with those acquisitions and their Melky Cabrera signing later in the week, Toronto has a chance to make some noise in 2013.

But how does this trade affect the Chicago Cubs? Some have expressed their displeasure with the current regime already, and this trade has added ammo to that side, as they wonder why the Cubs did not try and acquire pieces like that to help turn the franchise around a bit quicker.

The only player that the Cubs truly missed out on in that deal was Josh Johnson. But with his recent string of health issues, and the fact that he’s only signed for one more year, it’s probably for the better.

All in all, this trade doesn’t affect the Cubs much from a competitive standpoint. They won’t play the Jays next year and the Marlins will be one of the few National League clubs that are actually worse than the one on the North Side. But in one way, it does have a negative effect for the Cubs.

That negative effect relates specifically to Matt Garza. Garza was recently declared healthy and was given the go-ahead to press on with his offseason workouts as he normally does by team doctors. Which means that either in the coming weeks, or during spring training when teams actually see him pitch, Garza could be traded.

The Blue Jays were seen as a suitor for Garza, and with a pretty solid system, it seems that the Cubs lost out on a mighty fine trading partner in this trade. And that’s about as far as the impact on the Cubs goes.

Should the Cubs have gone after the type of talent that the Blue Jays acquired last week? The answer is a simple no. Would it have been nice to bring an arm like Johnson into the fold? Sure. But at the end of the day, the only real effect that this trade has on the Cubs is that there’s one less trading partner for Matt Garza.

That by itself is enough to make the Cubs losers in this trade. Not that they missed out on a boatload of overpaid players from the Marlins. But that they missed out on picking from a pretty decent farm system in return for their best starter.

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