Is Red Sox Owner John Henry Considering Selling The Team?

By Harry Dole


Are the off the field hits finally catching up with Boston Red Sox owner, John Henry?  Steve Mitchell – USPRESSWIRE


Deep from the underground, there are whispers from New England that Boston Red Sox owner John Henry may be considering unloading the team.  This rumor comes just nine days after Henry closed down his Boca Raton, Florida investment firm, which prompted Henry to deny categorically intentions of selling.

Apparently, the Red Sox may be facing a potentially huge pay out in the sexual abuse case against former clubhouse chief, the deceased Donald Fitzpatrick.  There are now twenty plaintiffs in the case demanding a total of $100 million for alleged abuse from the 1960’s to 1991.  On the heels of the Jerry Sandusky sorted mess, a big hit here on the Sox is not out of the question.

The source also goes on to state that a new Boston tax structure (I do not know if it has been proposed or implemented) may end up clipping Henry an additional 18%.  No additional information can be found on this particular rumbling.

Back in mid-Septemeber, Henry denied rumors he was selling the Sox due to not being able to afford both the MLB team and Liverpool FC of the English Premiere League.  However, this was before the closure of his investment firm, which shines a new light on the situation.

Under Henry, the Red Sox snapped an 86 year World Series Championship drought when they won the title in 2004 and then again in 2007.  Since then, Henry has been in a selling mood most recently unloading high salaried players during the Los Angeles Dodgers deal back in August 2012.  The hands off commissioner’s office of Bud Selig (when in baseball’s best interests, of course) had no issues with this deal.

Ironically, Henry’s two amigos in the three way deal which quickly facilitated the evacuation of the Montreal Expos from La Belle Province, Selig and Jeffrey Loria, both made headlines this past week after Loria unloaded his most valued goods on the Toronto Blue Jays.  Selig has stated he will look over this deal, although given his history in office and, more importantly, with the Marlins owner, it is highly unlikely he will rule against Loria.

From Boston to Miami, it is not just the water that is starting to smell mighty fishy.

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