Jeffrey Loria And Bud Selig Have History Of Fishy Expeditions

By Harry Dole


Florida Marlins Baseball Stadium
There will be many a dark moons over Miami’s Marlins Park to come.  Steve Mitchell – USPRESSWIRE


It is highly doubtful MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has ever lost any sleep worrying about his lasting legacy as the big fish of baseball.  His co-conspirator in the notorious Montreal Expos expungement, Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, is also not too concerned about having his fishy deal with the Toronto Blue Jays speared by the commish anytime soon.

Loria knows the big kahuna has his back.  Besides, Selig owes Loria a solid, after the Fish owner assisted him in wrangling the Expos out of Montreal.  These two go back a while, and have a swashbuckler history of destroying small market baseball towns for their own agendas.  Between the two, they be reekin’ like two rotting fish in the hot Miami sun.

After the latest housecleaning by the Marlins, what big name player in his right mind would even glance toward Miami?  As it stands, the chances are probably greater for Montreal to get another MLB franchise than the chances are for the Marlins to land any big names.  Why would a player even consider signing a five year deal for Miami when he knows the following season he could be on the next cargo shipment out to some god foresaken town which smells worse than rotting fish?

For players, playing and winning in Miami may be a little more enjoyable than doing the same in other cities, say like in…Cleveland.  Just ask LeBron James.  The problem is, if a top shelf MLB player does decide to play in Miami, chances are he will not be winning…for quite some time at least.

Miami baseball fans got reeled in and grilled like a scrumptious blue marlin.  Expecting Selig to cut Loria’s fishing line and throw Marlin fans a lifesaver is sheer fantasy.  Just like Montreal fans, they will be hung out to dry and sacrificed for “the best interests of baseball”, which in this case (just like Montreal) consists of Selig’s and Loria’s best interests.

One can fully expect Selig to tell the Miami residents to just swallow the bait already and keep paying the bills on a pricey stadium they were “convinced” into financing.  What is the old saying?  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.  Miami, you had more than fair warning with what transpired in Montreal a decade ago.  What else needs to be said?  Now it is time to suck it up, admit to being suckered, take the hit and move on.

As a result of the recent trade with the Jays, the baby fish will have their share of trouble swimming with the big league tuna.  Ever heard of the term big fish in a small pond?  Well, the Marlins will now be a very small fish in a very big pond.

There will be many dark moons over Miami for Marlin fans. With a brand new artifical lighting system at the stadium, who needs the famous Miami moonlight anyway?  This is hardly a time for romance.

Since Loria’s and Selig’s fishing expedition a while back in Montreal was highly successful in bringing back a significant catch, they figured they would up the ante and go for a bigger catch in Miami – with stadium and all.  They figured right.

In Miami, marlin fishing has just been transformed from a leisure sport into a blood sport; and it seems no one is around to assist the captured locals with their fishy problem because the MLB rescue boat has GONE FISHING.  A sport which Selig and Loria have been practicing, and apparently perfected, for quite some time now.

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