Mets Looking for "Clarity" on Contract Situations Regarding Dickey, Wright Not a Good Sign

By Craig Moir
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The New York Mets seem to be on an endless slide of disarray and mediocrity for the past few years.  No decisions that come from their front office happen to work, and good players brought in usually leave with their head down in shame as they fail to produce in Flushing.  Fred and Jeff Wilpon then bring in GM Sandy Alderson and his team of super-executives in order to change the mentality and perception of the club.

Fast forward to the end of the 2012 MLB season, and the Mets are once again at a crossroads when deciding the future of this troubled franchise.  This past season, Mets fans saw a wickedly good first half in which they overachieved going into the All-Star break.  The club recorded their first ever no-hitter compliments of Johan Santana and Mike BaxterR.A Dickey became their first pitcher since Dwight Gooden to win the CY Young award, and David Wright has basically secured every Mets hitting record and could continue to add.

Now the off season has begun, and Alderson has a decision between re-signing Wright and Dickey, or changing the face of this franchise forever.  Both players want to retire as Metropolitans, that much has been stated ad nauseam.  Both players are worth every dollar that could be thrown at them for their services.  Both players would be sorely missed by every fan that bleeds orange and blue.

The Mets offered Wright about a $100M contract to finish out his career with them.  Of course, Wright did not bite on his team’s first offer because he knows he is worth more on the open market, especially if he has another solid year in 2013.  Dickey’s first offer from the club will most likely be a miserly $7-$8M offer which the knuckleballer will undoubtedly laugh at.

Dickey knows he could get anywhere from $12-$14M from any club because of the season he just recorded, plus the fact that he does not have a lot of mileage on his arm.  The Mets should stop embarrassing themselves with these pathetic offers.  To a fan, it is clear that they simply do not want to re-sign players that can help them moving forward.

“It’s still very early,” Alderson said. “But between Thanksgiving and the winter meetings (Dec. 3-6) — and (during) the winter meetings themselves — we need to have a little more clarity than we have now.”

The only clarity that is needed is the simple clarity of whether or not the Wilpons want to build a contender.  We all know that the Mets do not have much money, if any at all, to spend on top talent until 2014.  I still believe that the Mets will re-sign Wright and trade Dickey.

But for Alderson to need more clarity, well, here it is: Wright wants upwards of $110-$120M to stay, while Dickey would be happy with $10-$12M/year to stay.  Do you need anymore than that Sandy?

This is not a good sign for all Mets fans who are getting frustrated not knowing the direction Alderson is taking this club.  The winter meetings begin on Dec. 3rd, so hopefully this debate will be put to rest sometime before that.  If not, then we all know that talks will continue during the meetings, and we all know those talks usually lead to trades.


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