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MLB Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers to Make Two Renovations at Miller Park


The Milwaukee Brewers have decided to make two renovations at Miller Park that will be ready to go by Opening Day next season. The pair of renovations will improve the fan’s ballpark experience in two specific areas.

The Brewers provide one of the best game-day experiences in all of baseball as Miller Park is consistently ranked among the top places to watch a ball game. In ESPN.com’s Battle of the Ballparks that took place earlier this year, Miller Park was a 24 seed in the bracket challenge that pinned all 30 MLB ballparks against each other. In what has to be considered a great upset, Miller Park went on to win the fan poll for best ballpark in baseball.

“Every year, we formally survey fans to get a better understanding of their changing tastes and preferences,” Brewers chief operating officer Rick Schlesinger said. “National surveys of fans and media consistently rate the Miller Park fan experience among the very best in all of sports, but we don’t take that for granted. We are committed to enhancing the facility and experience every year to remain a top destination for fans.”

In order to make good on their commitment to make the fan experience that much better, the Brewers will upgrade the Dew Deck, as well as the Home Plate Lounge for the 2013 season. The Dew Deck is above the right-field bleachers, and is typically used for parties of 25 to 260 people who wish to enjoy the game with an all-you-can-eat-buffet, a private bar, restrooms and stadium seating.

The renovation will include high definition flat-panel televisions along with new lighting and ceilings. Milwaukee will also add a 25-foot rock-climbing wall shaped like a Mountain Dew can on the far left side of the Dew Deck inside Miller Park.

Meanwhile, the Home Plate Lounge will also get new lighting along with carpeting and furniture. The concession stand, restrooms, and storage area that are currently placed in the Home Plate Lounge will be replaced with Concierge and “Chef’s Table” counters. From the drawings, it looks like the new and improved Home Plate Lounge will give fans a better area to purchase food as well as sit with friends.

It is good to know the Brewers are committed to improving the Miller Park experience for their loyal fan base. Most organizations would not consider stadium renovations, especially if they were already at the top of the rankings.