The New York Yankees are on track to go from first to worst in 2013

By Nik Swartz
Yankee Stadium New York Yankees
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As the New York Yankees watch the Toronto Blue Jays stack their team for a big run in the 2013 season, the Yankees do…nothing. To believe they will make a counter move would be a foolish thought with GM Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner’s change in philosophy. That change, in the eyes of Yankees fans, would be preparing for last place. In these eyes of these two geniuses, it is their plan that they will not make a move simply because another club does something; this is what fans should expect from the new Yankees shot callers and their plan to get the payroll to $189 million.

If the Yankees were a mid-market team, this logic would make some sense, but that’s not the case and this logic makes none. The Yankees are essentially robbing their fans and the city of New York. The new stadium was built for titles, the tickets are overpriced, as was evident in the playoffs, the parking, the food – all of it is beyond expensive. This is not to say it is not expensive to go to many ballparks, but in the Bronx it is another level of expensive.

What Cashman and his crew of mental midgets are saying, by not doing anything, is that they are ok with finishing at the bottom of a very good AL East because all of a sudden the Yankees are now worried about money.  The late George Steinbrenner is rolling over in his grave and without question would have heads rolling if he was around. If he was around none of this would be happening.

George may have made some foolish trades and moves over his years, but it is hard to knock a guy who lived by the win-at-all-cost philosophy. This is a tough pill to swallow in New York in November. When the season starts, and Cashman has made no major moves to upgrade this old average team, the term Bronx Zoo will be a major understatement.

It is absolutely insane for the Yankees to just do a 180 in the way the team is run. Cashman is a stubborn man and will not give in; he will sit back and is convinced the team he will assemble will be able to compete, if that thought doesn’t get him locked up in a mental ward, nothing will.

The Yankees are not good right now, they have holes and key players are dropping like flies, while none are being picked up. Not one big trade rumor involves the Yankees, the only time their name is mentioned is when one of their players is on his way out.

It is time to erase any thought that the Yankees will be in contention for Josh Hamilton or other long-term free-agent deals. The Yankees aren’t doing that this year, Cashman is a stay-the-course GM. He believes he will surprise everyone that the new Yankees way will work.

One of the major flaws to his way of thinking is the Yankees have been operating this way for too long to just stop and still expect them to be competitive. In addition, Cashman is picking a really bad time to change the way the Yankees work, as most of the team is filling out their AARP papers. The Yankees are in financially deep to many players and if they keep this new way of doing business, Robinson Cano will be the next one gone after the 2013 season.

While this way of doing business may look good for the Yankees bottom line, if they keep it up, they will be bottom feeders for many years to come. The memory of the Yankees and the playoffs will be a distant memory, and Yankees fans will turn on the team and Cashman; the Steinbrenner’s will throw him under the bus and pull out papa’s notebook on how to win.

There are not many absolutes in life, but if Cashman gets his way and the Yankees do nothing, they will a highly paid AAA team sitting at the bottom of the American League. This is an awful idea and Yankees fans are intelligent and will not stand for it or pay for it…but Cashman will.

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