Chicago Cubs: Fans Need To Stop Moaning About Direction Of Team

By Andy Schmidt

I’ve learned over the years that fans are not patient with their teams and being in the Chicago area, it seems that Chicago Cubs fans are really trying to find any reason possible to complain about the plan to get the team back on track. I guess patience is not there anymore after waiting 104 years for a championship and not seeing the World Series for 67 years.

I will admit that I am a huge Cubs fan, have been my whole life and have lost my voice yelling at my TV several times over but the anger I’m seeing out of fans is getting out of hand. Yes, we should be upset over the team losing 101 games this season but as we have learned over the last couple decades, throwing money at the problem doesn’t bring a World Series to the North Side.

It’s time to calm down and realize that it likely won’t happen in 2013 and think ahead to 2014 or 2015 where the farm system can produce the talent that is needed. There will be free agent signing along the way that will help the process but not going to the ballpark isn’t helping the cause, folks. What kind of fan just abandons their team because they are bad? If that were the case, there would be no Cubs fans left.

Until then, we have to fill Wrigley Field because there should be never an empty seat and I’ll tell you now, I don’t want the bandwagon jumpers coming on board when the team gets good. You are either in now and not in at all so stop moaning and groaning and accept what is reality for now and get with the plan.

Andy Schmidt is a prep sports columnist who dabbles in MLB, NFL and fantasy sports coverage. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports

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