A Wise Signing By The Chicago White Sox?

By Evan Crum
Rick Osentoski-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox re-signed Dewayne Wise to a $700,000 one year contract. I’m sort of split if this is a good or bad thing for the White Sox.

Wise was picked up after the New York Yankees let him go in the middle of 2012. Wise played in 45 games for the White Sox. He batted .258 had a .290 on base percentage and drove in 22 runs. Wise did play well for the White Sox in 2012.

I just don’t know if signing Wise is a good idea. Here is why. The White Sox currently have two young lefty outfielders on the roster already. Jordan Danks and Blake Tekotte and the White Sox just traded for Tekotte.

I think that if you trade for a player that you at least give him a shot to play unless you are simply filling up space in the minors.  I don’t believe that is what the White Sox were doing but I could be wrong. I also believe in playing young players. Wise is far from young he will be 35 next season.

The signing of Wise also means one other thing that many fans may miss. Currently the roster stands at 40. If the White Sox want to sign a free agent, like say Kevin Youkilis then they have to drop someone from the roster. Who would they drop? Josh Phegley? Andre Rienzo?

Like I said I’m split on this decision though. Wise is a good utility player that can play all three outfield positions. He is also a lefty which makes him valuable coming off the bench. Wise did play well when the White Sox signed him in 2012. Oh, and he is on a one year contract for $700,000 pretty cheap in baseball terms.

White Sox fans will have to put their faith in new general manager Rick Hahn because he will have tough choices to cut some players from the current 40 man roster if they sign a free agent.

It is now time to wait and see what the White Sox will do going forward.

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