Mets Fans Should Be Thankful for Quite a Few Things

By Craig Moir
The Star-Ledger-US Presswire

I know it is almost impossible to come up with reasons to be thankful when you are a New York Mets fan that just witnessed a collapse of epic proportions that saw the team finish with only 74 wins in 2012.  But then we must look around at the aftermath of this past MLB season and realize that, yes, there are reasons to be thankful, even though Fred and Jeff Wilpon are still the owners and are not able to spend money to improve the team.

One big reason for the Mets fan to thank heavens for is the release of Jason Bay and not having to be subjected to another season of disappointment and scratchy voices from booing.  Even though Bay hustled on every play, his three year stint lasted two years too long and it is about time the Wilpons made a good decision.

Mets fans must also be thankful for the stable of young, good arms that are now coming out of their minor league system. Matt Harvey looks every bit a number one or two starter, Zack Wheeler is not far behind, and Jeremy Hefner, Colin McHugh, Jenrry Mejia and all the others will make their mark in the majors.  Maybe each fan should get in touch with Omar Minaya and thank him for at least leaving us something other than bad contracts.

Sandy Alderson has had a difficult time working within the parameters that the Wilpons have given him.  But all Mets fans must be thankful that this man is in their front office, because eventually, Alderson will break the Wilpons down and right the ship.  You can count on that.  As soon a the bad contracts are gone, there may not be another GM you would want running your team.

Finally, all Mets fans should be thankful for the fact that they are not the Pittsburgh Pirates or Houston Astros.  We may have our issues, but at least when the money is there, the Wilpons try to spend, albeit, sometimes not that wisely.  So, yes, I’m sure I can find tons of other reasons for Mets fans to be thankful today, but most of all, thanks for being our team for the past 50 years.

Just remember to take a moment and understand what today is all about, and take a moment to recognize why you are truly thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving!!


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