Mark Buehrle Needs to Shut Up


Death, taxes and Mark Buehrle complaining about something. The Chicago media gave this guy a free pass for years, and now we’re seeing him for the snake-in-the-grass he’s always been thanks to other media markets.

After being traded from the Miami Marlins to the Toronto Blue Jays, the former Chicago White Sox ace Buehrle has been vocal how the Marlins lied to him about his future in South Florida and the plans of the franchise. He feels deceived and signed under false pretenses. Dude, you’re in the second year of a four-year 58 million dollar contract. So one rich guy lied to another rich guy? Come on Mark, just shut the heck up and play baseball! If you don’t like what you do; quit. If you think you’ve been wronged; retire. But don’t expect one ounce of sympathy from me when you’re still accepting a paycheck every two-weeks. Plenty of people would love to be this disrespected and deceived while earning 14.5 million dollars per year. Ever heard of a no-trade clause bro?

But what can I expect about a guy that would say things and be protected on a regular basis? He had the gall to suggest that Greg Maddux was successful because he was doctoring the baseball. Well, he didn’t quite say that. He said that a successful pitcher with the Cubs obviously was doctoring the ball. He dropped hints but wouldn’t use the pitcher’s name. But the hints clearly identified Maddux, and the media refused to press the issue any further. How can the local media not consider a pitcher from one side of town accusing a pitcher from the other side of town not a story? Welcome to the world of the pro-White Sox media in Chicago.

The Marlins tried to build a winner through free agency, and it backfired on the franchise. The team didn’t get the results it expected on the field and through fan support. The team didn’t have any choice but to reduce its payroll. Instead of Buehrle looking at the bigger picture, he continues his selfish attitude. This is the reality of Buehrle’s career choice, so his shock and outrage make little sense. His previous employer, the White Sox, essentially did the same thing. They felt that Buehrle was too expensive, so they parted ways. Baseball is a business, and any player that sees it as anything different is quite ignorant. So if the shoe fits Mark, I guess you’ll have to clear customs.

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