How aggressive will Kansas City Royals be in the winter meetings?

By Bandon Decker
Dayton Moore Kansas City Royals
Peter G. Aiken – US Presswire

The 2012-13 winter meetings start in the first week of December. The Kansas City Royals have done very well in the trade and free agent market already this winter, picking up one top of the rotation pitcher in Ervin Santana and retaining a top or middle of the rotation pitcher in Jeremy Guthrie. But they still have a little bit to go and especially they still want another free agent pitcher.

But Dayton Moore has hinted that in addition to the free agent market the Royals might still be interested in picking up more pieces via the trade market. That is already how they got Santana and it might be interesting to see how the Royals approach the winter meetings. There is not only a lot of trading fodder in the expansive minor league system, but there is enough young talent in the bullpen that that Moore might be tempted to dip into that as well. He already has a bit, some of the more superfluous members of the bullpen have already been sold for cash, but it will be interesting to see if he uses some of the better known members in the winter meetings.

My instinct is that Moore will not trade any major members of the major or minor league system, but I do think he is more willing to do a deal this year than perhaps in years past. It is hard to say if the club will really have their eye on a specific player who is not currently on the free agent market, there have only been a handful of names bandied about, which is why I don’t expect anything major. But I am watching a bit more carefully this year.

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