MLB Rumors: The Atlanta Braves Hope to Sign B.J. Upton

By David Miller
BJ Upton Atlanta Braves
Jeff Griffith – US Presswire

There are reports that the Atlanta Braves are interested in B.J. Upton. He is just on the cusp of what should be the best years of his career. His power seems to have found a steady level and he has some ability to get on base and run around. He is by all accounts a great guy and an outstanding talent. So really why wouldn’t they be interested?

There are a few teams looking in Upton’s direction and no doubt there will be some money thrown at him. While he wont bring in the biggest outfielder payday of the 2013 season, he is worthy of a decent payday just the same. The strength of the Braves organization surely is attractive to Upton as is the upturn they enjoyed last season. There are promising signs that the team could be building a solid starting pitching staff and a great bullpen that could solidify them as contenders for years to come. All of that should add up to Upton being interested in the Braves as well.

For the Braves, there will be lingering work in the outfield even if they are able to land Upton. He would nicely cover center field but they will still probably need another solid outfielder. Still considering what he could bring in a right handed bat, something the team greatly needs, there is every reason to make Upton’s signing a strong priority in the Braves off-season plans. Look for him to probably fill the Braves center field spot for at least the next few years.



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