Chicago White Sox May Have Found A Special Lefty In Donnie Veal

By Evan Crum
Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox have a pitcher currently on the roster that may turn into someone pretty special. That pitcher is Donnie Veal a name that I hadn’t even heard before he was called up.

The White Sox signed Veal in 2011. He was signed after the Pittsburgh Pirates let him walk. The White Sox signed Veal the same time that they signed Jose Quintana.  Veal immediately started in AAA to play for the Charlotte Knights and had an immediate impact.  During his 35 games for the Knights he had a 7-3 record, posted an impressive 2.08 ERA, had two saves and struck out 61 batters.

Veal played well in his 24 games for the White Sox after he was called up. He posted a 1.38 ERA in 13 innings and struck out 19 batters. I remember that Veal seemed unhittable when he was pitching.

The White Sox might have found a shutdown lefty in their bullpen and a potential setup man. Veal has a nasty curve ball that can make even the most impressive batters look foolish. I don’t seem to understand why the Pirates decided to let Veal walk but whatever the case it’s helpful to the White Sox.

I would like to see if Don Cooper can help Veal develop one more shutdown pitch. Veal primarily uses a four seam fastball and a curve ball to get batters out. While Veal will throw a small number of change-ups to right-handers I would like to see Veal add that to his repertoire and had it in his back pocket to get lefties out.

If anyone can teach Veal that it would be Cooper. Cooper has helped a lot of White Sox pitchers and has made them great. Case and point is Matt Thornton.

Just remember White Sox fans that when Veal becomes a stud pitcher you heard it from me first.

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