New York Mets Fans Still Dreaming of a Wright Christmas

By Craig Moir
Anthony Gruppuso-US Presswire

The New York Mets have begun their off-season at a snails pace, signing some minor league players to minor league deals, and offering both David Wright and R.A. Dickey contract extensions.  The initial offers, of course, were low ball deals that any smart fan realizes would not be feasible for the players.

GM Sandy Alderson, along with the Wilpons, insist that they would love to have both Wright and Dickey on the opening day roster.  They very well might.  The problem lies in the probability of either of those players to play past next year in Flushing.

With Evan Longoria signing a contract extension with the Tampa Bay Rays today for 6 years/$100M, some would view the offer to Wright should be right in line and a good deal considering he is 29 years old.  The variable in the Longoria signing is the fact that his extension does not start until the 2017 season, and he is currently three years Wright’s junior.

It seems as if the Mets are only toying with the idea of keeping both Dickey and Wright in the public eye until the MLB Winter Meetings start in early December.  Although everyone wants  both players to stay, it would not be impossible for both players to be dangled as trade bait when the GMs begin their talks.

Of course everything now is mere speculation, but I believe the Mets fans will somehow get their “Wright” Christmas, but be dismayed at the loss of Dickey.  All indications lead to the Mets front office not trusting that Dickey’s velocity on his knuckleball will hold up as long as most would hope.  At the age of 38, it may not be reasonable to think that Dickey will be able to throw an 80 MPH knuckler for more than a couple years.

So let’s just hope that the extension for Longoria is the benchmark and the Mets can strike a deal to keep Wright as the face of the franchise until he retires.  If not, then Christmas will be a little more bleak than fans would want it to be.


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