MLB Rumors: Is Brian Wilson On His Way Out Of San Francisco?

By Randy Holt
Daniel Shirey-US PRESSWIRE

Overall, fans of Major League Baseball seem to have a love/hate relationship with San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson. Some love his off the field personality and the character he brings to the game, while others have grown tired of that personality and his obscenely large beard.

Those opinions either way, in regard to Wilson, are sure to bring some mixed reviews with the news that the Giants may be considering letting Wilson walk this offseason. With the non-tender deadline taking place on Friday, Wilson could be among those looking for a new home by the time the weekend rolls around.

While Wilson was an integral part of the Giants’ first of two World Series titles they’ve won in the past three years, he played virtually no part for the team this season, other than in the clubhouse. His second Tommy John surgery forced him to miss almost the entire year. That led to the emergence of Sergio Romo as a more than capable closer for the Giants.

However, the reason the Giants would consider letting Wilson walk this week wouldn’t be a matter of his performance, it’d be a matter of money. Wilson could earn as little as $7 million through arbitration this winter, which is a high price to pay for a guy who hasn’t been healthy and who wasn’t at his best when he was in 2011, either.

The Giants have a lot to worry about with their roster right now. They’re trying to retain several key players from their current World Series roster and really need to watch every penny that they spend this offseason. That could mean the end of Wilson in a Giants uniform.

As large a figure as Brian Wilson has been in his time in the Bay Area, you can certainly understand why the Giants would cut him loose. He has been a dominant closer at times over the past few years, but he’s also had his issues staying healthy and keeping that performance at a high level.

Wilson could end up having to settle for a one-year deal out on the free agent market if he is non-tendered, and will likely have to prove he’s healthy before earning the big bucks that he could be seeking with the Giants.

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