Barry Bonds Doesn't Deserve To Be In The Hall Of Fame

By Evan Crum
Kyle Terada-US Presswire

The baseball Hall of Fame gave its list of candidates for the Hall of Fame class of 2013 today. Barry Bonds is on that list and now the debate begins. Should he be allowed in the Hall of Fame? My fellow writer Bryan Lutz says that he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame according to his article. I disagree with him.

Bonds wasn’t the greatest player in my generation. Bonds being the greatest player of a generation is a matter of opinion, but not a fact. First of all, I think it is hard to say that a player is the best in a generation. I think that a lot of the numbers in that steroid era should be questioned. That includes Bonds.

I do discredit some of the players in that era who used PEDs, even if it wasn’t proven that they did so. If a player like Sammy Sosa goes from being small to all of a sudden cranking out home runs, something isn’t right.

While that era did produce cheaters like Bonds and Sosa, it also produced great players who played the right way. Frank Thomas, Jim Thome and Ken Griffey Jr are just a few. They didn’t use PEDs while so many players were. It would have been easy for Griffey to use them. In fact, he probably could have played longer if he did.

Thomas could have used them after he lost the MVP to Jason Giambi, who later admitted that he used steroids. Thome saw the same thing, but still he plays and has over 600 home runs without steroid use.

Bonds was obviously a PED user, judging by his stats and judging by the way his head grew with the San Francisco Giants. Bonds didn’t even have to use steroids to be a great player. He was on his way to a great career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Instead, the player that had great speed and a small head got a huge head and starting hitting home runs out of the ball park.

I understand that Bonds had a .559 on base percentage, but shouldn’t one question how he got it?

I don’t like the argument of “well, everyone was doing it” so we should just count all those numbers. All right, then I guess Ben Johnson’s record 9.79 100mm time should count and he should get his gold medal back. Why not? In track, a lot of people use steroids so according to the “everyone is doing it” argument, he was just doing what everyone else was doing.

A player who should be in the Hall of Fame is Pete Rose. His gambling didn’t actually do anything to the game–it didn’t change numbers. The gambling on baseball didn’t shatter a record that many hold sacred. So why isn’t Rose in the Hall of Fame?

What about Shoeless Joe Jackson? His guilt has always been in doubt over the throwing of the World Series. He should be in the Hall of Fame before Bonds.

The fact is that Bonds doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame in 2013. Nor does Sosa, Mark McGwire or Roger Clemens. Bryan, I disagree.

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