Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens Need To Be In The Hall Of Fame

By Ryan Gaydos
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On the 2013 Hall of Fame ballot, there will be 37 players that have a chance to be inducted into infamy. Of those players, the notables include Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Craig Biggio, Curt Schilling and the left overs from last year like Don Mattingly, Jeff Bagwell and Mark McGwire.

Of those players mentioned, it is imperative that Bonds and Clemens get into the Hall of Fame regardless of their performances in the steroid era of baseball. Both players have Hall of Fame numbers and hold records that make it almost impossible for either player not to get into the Hall of Fame.

Bud Selig never banned Clemens or Bonds from getting in the Hall of Fame because of the allegations of steroid abuse during their careers, so why shouldn’t they be?

Bonds is all the all-time home run record holder with 761 home runs and hit the most home runs in one season with 73 in 2001. Bonds also holds the record for most walks and intentional walks of all-time. He is third in wins above replacement (WAR), fourth in on-base plus slugging (OPS), second in all-time extra base hits, not to mention he has won seven MVP awards and eight Gold Gloves awards.

The last two feats alone should be more than enough to propel Bonds into the Hall of Fame.

What about Clemens?

Clemens is third all-time in strikeouts, ninth all-time in wins, third all-time for WAR among pitchers and has won seven Cy Young awards and an MVP award to his credit. Clemens also struck out 20 batters in one game in 1986. Clemens also has two World Series rings to his credit.

Bonds and Clemens both endured trials about lying to grand juries about knowingly taking steroids. Both of them beat but Bonds was convicted of obstruction of justice. Allegedly, neither of them knew at the time what they were doing was wrong and up until the world found out what HGH and anabolic steroids were, being huge and hitting long home runs was all what people cared about.

The only thing keeping them from the Hall of Fame is the stigma of “cheating” that people label onto Bonds and Clemens. That they “cheated” to play the game that they dominated for so long but not to mention that numerous pitchers used spit balls and other illegal substances on their hat to give their pitches a bit of an edge.

Regardless to whether or not you used steroids, you still have to hit the ball and you still have to make pitches. Bonds and Clemens were both good at that. The use of PEDs were enhancing but you still need a quick arm and a good eye to see a 95 mph fastball come down your wheelhouse.

If both are snubbed, its laughable. You cannot snub one of the two greatest players of all-time from a place that honors greatness of the game. If you do, you need to rethink what you’re doing with your time.

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