Colorado Rockies Leadership is Clueless

By Joe Morrone
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The owner of the Colorado Rockies, Dick Monfort and the General Manager Dan O’Dowd spent an hour taking questions from the fans on Wednesday about the state of the franchise. The interview took place on 104.3 The Fan in Denver and while they deserve credit for taking the time to do something like that, it was a joke! It’s an hour of my life that I will never get back but the positive thing is this, I won’t waste anymore hours on the Rockies. I’m done, I refuse to invest anymore time and effort into an organization that has no desire to win and doesn’t care if they do win. Below are some of the highlights or lowlights from the hour long spin session.

Monfort started the hour by disputing the notion that he doesn’t care about winning. He said, “The people that know me, know how competitive I am.” Then he said something that should make any Rockies fan shake and that was, “I’m not leaving until we win the World Series.” So everyone can give up on the idea that he is going to sell the team anytime soon. Monfort then made a statement that I still can’t believe. He said, “We believe we have earned the right to be trusted.” I responded to that through Twitter and my response was read to him. I asked why should we trust you, based on what? Monfort first denied he said he said they’ve earned the right to be trusted but in the same breath said, “But I do think we should be trusted.” He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, how are fans supposed to trust a guy like that. Monfort belongs in politics, not professional sports.

On to O’Dowd, most of what he did was offer up the same old excuses about why it is so hard to win in Colorado. He talked about the altitude, the size of the market and so on. BLAH, BLAH, BALH! However he did say something that I had to listen to again to make sure I heard it right. O’Dowd said, “I believe I am one of the best General Managers in baseball.” Monfort said the same thing a few months ago; so here’s my question. What in the world are they basing that statement on? In all of my years of following sports, the measuring stick for any General Manager has been the won-loss record and the Rockies under O’Dowd are terrible. Under his tenure the Rockies record is 1061 wins and 1208 losses. That’s a winning percentage of .478, and we are supposed to believe that O’Dowd knows what he is doing?

The hour was filled with more nonsense and it was treated more like a pep rally than anything else. The bottom line is this, the Rockies are terrible and they are going to remain that way. The problem is the leadership from the top down but they think they are doing a great job. How anyone who has any sort of pride in what they do can look at their record over the past 13 years and say they’ve done a good job is beyond me.

They said all of the right things about wanting to win but there’s a big difference between saying it and doing it. The Rockies do not have the financial commitment from Monfort to win and even if they did, they don’t have any clue on how to win. They can say whatever they want but the only number they care about is the profit margin at the end of the season and with the way baseball is set up; they are always going to be happy with that number. As long as that doesn’t change, the results on the field won’t change either.

On a personal note, I will root for Walt Weiss as the Manager because I have the utmost respect for him but I also feel for him. He’s going to get no help from the ownership or management and in the end; he will be the scapegoat after two or three more disastrous seasons.

I would never tell anyone not to watch any team but as for as me and the Rockies; I’m done. They don’t care about winning, so why should I care about them? The Colorado Rockies are a complete joke!

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