Kiss My Rant: If David Wright Does Not Sign With the Mets in Next Two Weeks, Trade Him

By Craig Moir
Steve Mitchell-US Presswire

The New York Mets have made an offer to All-Star third baseman David Wright because above all else, they want him to be the face of their MLB franchise for at least another eight years, which will lead him into retirement.  Wright wants to be the face of this franchise, and also would love to have guaranteed money that is substantial and equivalent to others on the market.

So why has he not agreed to accept the Mets 7 year extension worth $124M that will kick into effect after the 2013 season?  There may be a couple reasons for that.  First off, Wright seemingly is opposed to having a back-loaded contract that may even include deferred money.  Evidently he is not the type of player that the Tampa Bay Rays Evan Longoria is, giving back to the team now in order to win now.  Longoria will only make $2M next year in hopes that the club will build around him and allow him to win sooner rather than later, or never.

Secondly, Wright must be assured that the Mets are willing to put a competitive team around him.  He has always stated that it may not be about the money necessarily.  Wright wants to play for a winner that is committed to building and staying on top.  That may be the deal breaker right there.

The Rays are willing to build around Longoria, but there are no indications that Wright will be afforded that as long as the Wilpons are running the Mets.  So where does that leave the Mets, Wright and the fans that are waiting for any type of word as to who will be their third baseman next year?

Let me say this: If Wright is serious about wanting an ownership group that will field a competitive team year in and year out, then he needs to say goodbye to the Mets.  By doing this, he will most likely take a little less money elsewhere, but he will have the ability to win.  Wright needs to make a decision in the next couple weeks, being that the Winter Meetings are around the corner, and if he really cares about the Mets and the fans, then they need to know a direction to head.

Wright will not be afforded this money on the open market next year, especially if he happens to have a down year.  The Mets offer was not only reasonable, but quality.  It gives Wright the chance to be a lifelong Met, and security in his later years.  But if he really wants to win now, he could go the path that Longoria took and defer the money.  The ball is suddenly in Wright’s court.

Mets fans want to see him for the next eight years, but the major variable is that maybe Wright knows that the Wilpons will not put the right pieces in place in order to have a good team.  We should know in the next two weeks, because if Wright can not commit by then, Sandy Alderson should field any and all calls regarding his trade.  Do not allow Wright to be lost for nothing after the season like Jose Reyes.


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