MLB Rumors: Are The Chicago White Sox Interested In Mike Adams?

By Evan Crum
Jim Cowsert-US Presswire

Rumors are that the Chicago White Sox are looking to help the bullpen. The White Sox are one of the teams that are interested in reliever Mike Adams.

Adams will be 34 next year. He is considered a decent reliever. For most of his career he spent his time in the National League. In 2011 he was with the San Diego Padres and at the trade deadline he was traded to the Texas Rangers. In 2011 with the Rangers he posted a 2.10 ERA and struck out 25 batters. In 2011 he also played well in the postseason for the Rangers.

In 2012 his numbers weren’t as good.  He appeared in 61 games and had a 5-3 record. He posted a 3.49 ERA which is his highest ERA in his career. He also struck out 45 batters.

Adding Adams to the bullpen would help the White Sox. He might not be asking for a lot of money. The high ERA and his age might scare off some teams. The White Sox shouldn’t be one of those teams.

Pitching Coach Don Cooper could help Adams if he has troubles again. It also might just be that Adams just had a bad year; pitchers are entitled to have them. I tend to lean towards the fact that it was just a bad year. Like I said, Adams has never had an ERA as high as he did in 2012.

If Adams isn’t asking for a lot of money then the White Sox should sign him. He would be a great addition to the bullpen.

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