Top 5 Blockbuster MLB Trades for the Offseason

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Top 5 Blockbuster Trades for the Offseason

Chris Humphreys - US PRESSWIRE

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

No, not Christmas (well it is, but that's not what we're talking about here). We're talking about Hot Stove season.

We all love blockbuster trades. A major trade allows us to go absolutely crazy with analysis, opinions and discussions while immediately trying to determine who "won" the trade, even if that will ultimately be determined by a prospect years down the road. It's why we spend countless hours pouring over our fantasy rosters (and the rosters of our friends) coming up with trades to propse, reject, discuss, and argue about. Seeing free agents sign big contracts is fun, especially if it's your team that is getting a shiny new toy to play with. But there's nothing like a good trade to get our juices going. After all, buying a new pack of baseball cards was fun, but wasn't the whole point to take them home and trade them with your friends for better ones?

With all of the rumors that surround the baseball world all day, every day, there is hardly a player in the game that doesn't have at least a few rumors swirling aroud him. Virtually any player within a year or two of free agency, whether for the first time or for the second or third occasion, has the potential to be traded.

These five players have all had some sort of rumors surrounding the possibility of getting moved, and I've ranked them in order of the potential of them being traded combined with the "blockbuster-ness" of that trade. I'll even toss out a few suggestions for how to make it happen.

Remember, it's all speculation, so there are no wrong answers here.

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5 - Josh Willingham, Minnesota Twins

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The Minnesota Twins already announced themselves as sellers when they traded Denard Span yesterday. Josh Willingham should be able to get even more of a return.

The power-hitting left fielder is still under team control for two more seasons at a reasonable price, and has been one of the more consistent right-handed hitters over the past seven years. He could help a number of teams looking for a complementary bat, and would be a perfect fit for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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4 - James Shields, Tampa Bay Rays

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Every player on the Tampa Bay Rays nearing free agency has the potential to be traded, and Shields has been linked to half of the league. He probably already had his bags packed for Kansas City before the Royals thought better of trading their top prospect Wil Myers. But just because that fell through doesn't mean Shields won't move this off-season. There are plenty of teams interested in his services.

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3 - Chase Headley, San Diego Padres

Kelley L. Cox - US PRESSWIRE

I want to go on the record as saying that the Padres should not trade Chase Headley. They're close to being competitive and Headley just broke out as their best hitter.

But there few players in baseball that currently have a higher trade value than Headley. If you think the Padres got a lot back in return for Mat Latos last off-season, you'd be shocked if they traded Headley.

Hopefully they won't.

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2 - Giancarlo Stanton, Miami Marlins


The Marlins have said that they are not planning to trade Giancarlo Stanton, but they might as well. They've traded everyone else.

No one on their roster, before or after their most recent fire sale, has more trade value than Stanton. If the Marlins want to truly rebuild, they might as well get everything they can in return.

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1 - Justin Upton, Arizona Diamondbacks

Chris Humphreys - US PRESSWIRE

Upton tops this list because he's an exciting young player who, when traded, would definitely qualify as a blockbuster, but also becuase it's almost certain to happen. He's probably getting traded this week.

We don't know where, however. Upton could go anywhere. There are plenty of teams interested in the young right-fielder, who is still under team control for years and has almost limitless potential.

But I bet we find out this week at the Winter Meetings.