Philip Humber Not Coming Back To The Chicago White Sox

By Evan Crum
Kim Klement-US Presswire

The Chicago White Sox didn’t offer Philip Humber a contract making him a free agent. However, the White Sox will see him again. The Houston Astros signed Humber to a one year contract for $800,000.

The White Sox didn’t see any reason to bring Humber back and I agree with him. It was an amazing feat that Humber threw a perfect game. I remember watching the game and pacing back and forth as he got closer to history. I remember calling my dad and telling him to turn on the game against the Seattle Mariners since he was going to witness history.

History was made; Humber threw the 21st perfect game in MLB history. He only needed 96 pitches to complete it. An interesting fact by the way, thanks to Humber the White Sox are now tied with the New York Yankees for most perfect games thrown by a franchise.

After the perfect game though, Humber struggled. He went 5-5 with a 6.44 ERA. He allowed 23 home runs, and only struck out 85 batters. Not very impressive numbers and the White Sox put him in the bullpen to see if he would improve. Humber didn’t improve and he struggled the remainder of the year.

The move of not bringing back Humber clears a roster spot for a possible free agent. It remains to be seen what the White Sox will do at the winter meetings. There are also non-tender free agents that the White Sox could look at.

It is interesting that the Astros signed Humber. The must think that they can turn him around and make him a better pitcher. I find that hard to believe since Don Cooper couldn’t help him when he struggled.

The White Sox also didn’t offer veteran Dan Johnson a contract leaving another roster spot open. The winter meetings that start soon will be very interesting for the White Sox and GM Rick Hahn.

No matter what happens though, Humber will always have that perfect game and that is something that is remarkable with the career that he has had so far.

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