MLB Rumors: Are the Texas Rangers Discussing a Trade for RA Dickey?

By Bryan Lutz
Anthony Gruppuso – US Presswire

Baseball’s winter meetings begin tomorrow, so baseball fans can expect a lot of MLB rumors circulating about some of the game’s best players. This rumor, however, involves the reigning National League Cy Young winner RA Dickey. Apparently, Dickey isn’t all that pleased with the way the New York Mets are working with him for a possible extension; ergo, a Dickey trade could be looming at the meetings. The team most interested in the knuckleballer is a team that is very familiar with him – – the Texas Rangers.

In regards to their pitching staff, the Rangers are in a tricky situation. They have Yu Darvish – who is a legitimate number one starter – but the rest of their rotation is full of guys who are mid-rotation types. Matt Harrison is a given for the 2013 rotation, but there aren’t many guarantees after that.

Texas is need of another go-to starter, so a Dickey swap would make a whole lot of sense; plus, they might be interested in giving Dickey the extension he wants.

As far as the Mets are concerned, Dickey is a 38-year old knuckleballer, so I don’t really blame them for not extending Dickey. It’s smart of the front office to overlook the awesome narrative that Dickey is and think about this logically. Knuckleball pitchers are some of the most volatile pitchers in baseball: they could dominate one season and be out of baseball the next. I’m not saying Dickey is one of those types (I actually like Dickey a lot), but there’s no need for a team like the Mets to invest heavily in him. A team like the Rangers, though, could invest in a pitcher like Dickey.

I’m sure this won’t be the last rumor we hear about Dickey this week, so let the fun begin.

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