MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers Fans Taking Verlander Matter Into Their Own Hands

By Michael Collins
H. Darr Beiser-USA TODAY

If you can’t beat ’em…get ’em to join you. That seems to be what Texas Rangers fans are thinking right now anyway. The twitterverse is a-chatter with talk of a Justin Verlander to Rangers trade. Unfortunately for the Rangers fans, the chatter is only coming from people doing some wishful thinking.

It would seem that the good folks who support the Rangers have had enough of seeing the Detroit Tigers ace throwing smoke past their hitters, so why not try to get the trade wheels in motion? However unlikely, this kind of stuff is always fun to watch, as fans impose their will on the rumor mill.

Let’s face it, if there were any truth at all to this western fantasy, the legitimate hot stove guys would be all over it. So, sorry Rangers fans, I don’t think that you’ll be seeing Verlander sporting your royal blue cap anytime soon.

While we are at it, did anyone else hear that the New York Yankees were going to move to Brooklyn? Why not? Every other team in that area seems to be jumping on that train.


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