What Are MLB Winter Meetings?

By David Miller
MLB Winter Meetings
Derick Hingle – US Presswire

Every year baseball fans gear up for this time of year to learn what moves or changes their team will make at the MLB Winter Meetings. It’s the place where the MLB General Managers and Executives meet and – what? Is it just the executives from each team and they take turns meeting at some table to discuss trades? Ever wonder what really goes on there? It’s honestly not that complicated but it’s not as simple as people meeting around some extra large table either.

The very first winter meeting between the leaders of MLB teams happened 111 years ago. Back then a league president was chosen and two teams were booted for not playing all of their games. It’s quite a bit more than that today. Basically the setting is like that of large business banquets. There are several events, mostly over a three day period, which all have to do with baseball and are held in a large convention center. It does not however only have to do with trades and free agent signings.

Not only do the MLB teams send all of their executives and other representatives to the meetings. There are also around 160 minor league teams represented. In addition to that, representatives from baseball organizations and companies all around the world are there. They aren’t all there for business either. There are galas and other social events as well as time for old friends to talk and catch up. The main focus, however, is indeed on the business of baseball.

The teams most certainly do make news at these meetings by trading and signing players for their respective teams. That is not all of the business they take care of, however. There are over 400 qualified, eager professionals ready to be hired to fill staff positions on various teams. The trade show that is held is not to trade players. This trade show is for registered companies and individuals to present new products for the teams to try for the next season.

So while these meetings are always looked forward to for trade rumors and big name free agent signings, there is much more to it than that. Actually it is kind of refreshing to know that there are multiple reasons for the famous meetings. Didn’t you wonder why they didn’t just continue doing trading and signing business the way they do for the rest of the year? Take heart that your team isn’t just going to drink and throw money at expensive players. They really do have honest to goodness business reasons for attending. Who knew?

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