All the New York Yankees fans needed for Christmas was for A-Rod to go missing

By Nik Swartz
Alex Rodriguez New York Yankees
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

This is the week for MLB fans to get excited as the Winter Meetings start in Nashville Tennessee. For New York Yankees fans it starts just like the Yankees season will: with agony and excuses. To believe the Yankees are going to make a big splash with any free agent is laughable, but there is news already. Alex Rodriguez is going under the knife again, having  left hip surgery in January to repair a torn labrum, bone impingement and the correction of a cyst. In addition, he has to pre-hab first–or is it that he is waiting because he just wants to have a little Christmas fun before he has to rehab again?

It could take Rodriguez up to six months before he is fully recovered. It is possible that he could be back in three, but anyone who has followed A-Rod knows he isn’t going to hurry back.

Now come the excuses for his post-season slump in the 2012 playoffs because he was apparently all doped up on pain medication due to the pain. If fans didn’t see this coming, they haven’t been following this waste of money through his Yankee career.

He was hurt sometime during the playoffs and it got so bad that he had to be taken to the emergency room to spend the night after one of the Divisional Series games.

So the bottom line is this: Rodriguez probably won’t be back until July and the Yankees have another hole they need to fill, one they are not willing to spend money on.

Rodriguez has already met with Colorado doctor Marc Phillippon, the same man who operated on his right hip in 2009. When an anonymous Yankees source was asked about Rodriguez, they said, “It’s an issue, a really big issue.” Really? Something involving A-Rod is an issue? Never would anyone expect anything less from this waste of money.

This will be two hip surgeries in four years for Rodriguez, who is now 37, so his timetable to come back will not be as fast as it was before.

This injury was apparently a big reason for his struggles, according to Yankees sources, so has he been hurt in every postseason as a Yankee because he has played poorly in all but one.

Another question that comes up is: what were the Yankees thinking when they signed Rodriguez to his ridiculous long-term contract? Apparently they didn’t do the math, not realizing how old he would be at the back end. The Yankees talk about money and wanting to get below the luxury tax, but Rodriguez and all the aging Yankee superstars are a huge reason why it will be not be possible to do that and still put a contending team on the field.

Rodriguez is still due $114 million over the last five years of his contract. This is why hearing Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner’s plan for the Yankees sounds so moronic to so many because a team cannot dish out all this money for all those years, then as those stars are starting to get old, just decide to flip the script and try a different way of conducting business.

Rodriguez’s numbers have declined and so has his playing time in the past five seasons. The most regular season games he has played was 138. In 2011 he played in 99 games and in 2012 he played in 122.

The best thing Rodriguez could do is retire, take the money he already stole from the Yankees and somehow work on a buy out to get him off the books, because with all these old players collecting checks from the Yankees, they won’t be able to put a competitive team on the field anytime soon or sign anyone younger.

Why would the Winter Meetings start any different than the offseason as fans get more gut wrenching news from the Yankees? Somehow Rodriguez again becomes the first big story just in time for fans to get excited about the upcoming season.

Yankee fans have little to be excited for. They have more to worry about because this is just piling on now since this team needs so much and is willing to spend so little. These Winter Meetings will bring more bad news than good for the Yankees and will be the start of this dreadful 2013 season.

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