Could We Have Seen The End Of Alex Rodriguez?

By Andy Schmidt
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez has been one of the greatest players in Major League Baseball for the last dozen years. On Monday, it was announced that Rodriguez will need hip surgery that will sideline him until at least the All-Star break. Rodriguez has been the subject of many rumors and criticism over trying to get phone numbers from women in the stands to his admitted steroid use and all of this may be coming back to get him now.

The steroid use has likely decreased his bone mass with the demanding position he plays in third base and honestly, fans may have seen the end of A-Rod. I’m not sure how quickly he will be able to recover but it won’t be a quick process for sure. The surgery is scheduled for mid-January and with a 4-6 month timetable for recovery, which would be mid-July at the latest but with A-Rod’s advanced age in baseball years, a more realistic goal might be September so the possibility is there for him to be ready for any playoff run.

It has been a great last 12-14 years for Rodriguez but he has been declining over the past two years anyway and you would hope he wouldn’t try to hang on longer than he needs to or his body can handle. It may come down to a hip replacement surgery to save A-Rod’s career if he wants to keep playing because this shouldn’t sound good for him. The New York Yankees had better have a backup plan in place for years to come to replace their superstar.

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