MLB Rumors: Texas Rangers Want Josh Hamilton Back

By Bryan Lutz
Jim Cowsert – US PRESSWIRE

Until Josh Hamilton signs a contract, there will be plenty of MLB rumors about baseball’s most coveted free agent this winter. There is news coming out of Nashville that the most aggressive team pursuing Hamilton is a team that has a pretty good idea what he brings to the table – – the Texas Rangers.

For the sake of the Rangers and their fans, I hope this is just some sort of “we tried” effort from the front office. The Rangers do not need Josh Hamilton as much as Josh Hamilton needs the Texas Rangers. Without or without him, the Rangers are still one of the best teams in the American League. At a fraction of the cost, Nick Swisher could make up for the void Hamilton would leave in the batting order and outfield.

You’re free from the baggage, Texas. Why bring it back? As I have written several times already, I am not a Josh Hamilton fan. I think he’s a good player, not a great one. I think Hamilton is totally dependent on his god-given talent; once he ages, he is done. I know I wouldn’t want my team to sign Hamilton to a 5-year, $130+ million deal.

If the Rangers can get Hamilton on a discount, somewhere in the range of four years, $100 million, then I would say that’s a fair compromise; although, I still don’t think he’s worth it.

Josh Hamilton isn’t your typical free agent. There isn’t a player who needs to be coddled more than this guy. He’s one incident away from completely checking out mentally, so why commit to this guy long-term?

Walk away, Rangers. Walk away.

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